Nice weekend

The weather in the tropical paradise that is Glasgow, was, for a change, really nice.

On Saturday we headed to the Linn Park with Karen’s friend, and just relaxed in the sun for a while, before heading to the Old Smiddy (I still think it should be spelled “Olde”) for a lunch of 50 chicken wings, and a bowl of Dirty Chips (chips covered in BBQ sauce and bits of bacon).

Yesterday we headed to Bellahouston Park for some inline skating round the cycle track next to the sports centre. 10 laps on a really hot day was all we could manage. Fun to be skating again though.


On Wednesday, it’s International Yoga Day, and there’s a mass yoga session taking place in George Square.
Depending on the weather, I might take part. Would be pretty cool.

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Today’s the day

That I find out if I can get my kilt altered enough to fit me again.

I’m heading to the kiltmakers to see if they can alter the buckles so that it fits again!
With losing 2 stone (that frankly needed losing), my kilt is now too big. I know they can alter it up to a point, so hopefully it’s going to be do-able, otherwise, I’ll have to invest in another.

This is the downside to being healthier (JOKE!!)


(UPDATE:- looks like it’s good to go. Will still be about 1/4″ too big round the waist, but the belt will take care of that, and at least it won’t end up round my ankles!)

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Wee afternoon off work

Got £20 of Amazon vouchers for doing surveys, so I (finally) picked up Prometheus on blu ray, which arrived the same day, and I’m just waiting for Preacher Vol4 to drop through the door (replacing my comics with graphic novels, purely as a space saver).

Last night we went to see a performance of Paras Over the Barras, as part of the Southside Fringe. It was being held in the function suite of the bar we go to for the weekly quiz night.
Good laugh, some “dead air”, and a couple of fluffed lines, but it’s put on by amateurs, and they did put on a good show. Nice wee night out.

Today we’re off to Stirling this afternoon for lunch, before heading to the Blair Drummond Safari Park. Unfortunately this means I’m going to miss my yoga class tonight, so I’ll have to do some in the house when we get back.

The weather in Glasgow is a really nice 25 today. Hope it holds out for a few days before reverting to the default setting of dreich.

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Fun weekend

Had a great weekend.  Saturday we took the cats to the vets for their annual checkup.  Both passed.  It’s great to know that Rosie is healthy as she’s getting on now (17).
Back home to drop them off, and then we headed to Troon for a few hours as the weather was stunning.  You’d have thought it was a bank holiday weekend.  The place was mobbed. There was an indoor car boot sale in the concert hall, so we nipped in.  One stall was selling 10 dvds for £1.00!  Guy gave me 11, so that’s a double result.  Most are one’s I’ll watch then put in a charity bag, but I did snag Marathon Man, Hello Dolly, Spaceballs, Kingdom of Heaven and Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera among others.

Sunday we headed to the Om Yoga show at the SECC.  Pretty good exhibition.  We didn’t join in any of the classes that were running, but visited all the dealers stands and chatted to a few dealers.  Came away with a supply of raw chocolate, some herbal teas, coconut oil, and a tie-dyed Om t-shirt, so decent wee haul for not much money.

After the show we headed to Linn Park to have a wander in the sun, before grabbing a snack at the Old Smiddy pub, before heading home.

Yesterday, I managed to pick up a new jute yoga mat, so all in all a decent weekend.


Snuffmill Bridge at the Linn Park

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Plans for the day

Today is going to be a busy one.  Before work I did a short yoga session, before swapping my usual two cups of coffee for a green tea.  The difference compared to how I usually am at this time of the day is that I feel alive, awake and alert.  Not sure if it’s the yoga, tea instead of coffee, or both that are working their magic, but it feels good.

At lunchtime, I’ve got a core strengthening session with a colleague in the gym in work (we’re lucky that working in a university, we have access to a gym on site).

Work-wise I’ve got a fair bit on today, so overall the day should pass pretty quickly.

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Been slacking lately gym-wise.  I’ve not been in the last week.  No excuse other than my torturer/gym buddy hasn’t been able to go due to meetings.
I’ve still been going to karate, skating and yoga though, so it’s not like I’ve reverted to total slothdom.

That’s now two months since I started cutting out the carbs, and restricting myself to about 30g a day – there’s been the odd blip eg when we went to Gartmore House for the night – and in that time, I’ve lost 62 off my belly, so that’s a result.
I really don’t miss sweet things, which has really surprised me.  Nan bread with my curry though, and the pita bread a kebab comes in…..those I do miss.  Ah well, it’ll all be worth it in the long run.

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Yoga and farting. What’s the etiquette?

Was at the yoga class last night, and damn if there wasn’t a little anal orchestra trumping away on more than one occasion.  (I counted 4 farts, only one of which I can claim responsibilty for)

Now, I know that when you’re doing yoga (any stretching in fact, I’ve heard it happen during a karate warm-up) that un-expected fartage can occur.  I try to ignore it, and not end up throwing a hip out as I convulse with laughter while in a pose which doesn’t allow for safe laughing.

So the question of the day is this.  Farting at yoga.  Is is socially acceptable, and should it be ignored, or embraced and openly celebrated with a laugh?

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Feel like I’ve been on the “business end” of a baseball bat!!!  My abs are KILLING ME!
A core session a couple of days ago left me feeling….. achey in the abs.  That’s all good. No pain no gain and all that.  Anyway, last night’s yoga class involved a few postures that worked the core, and yup, today my abs are screaming bloody murder.

To cheer myself up, I’m off on a brewery tour of the West Brewery, in Glasgow, tonight.  I won this a while back and never got round to booking it.  It’s about to expire, so I managed to get booked for the tour tonight.
Now, beer isn’t compatible with a low carb/high protein diet (which I’m currently on, and actually getting thinner on. Go me!), so I’m having a diet free day today.  So I can actually have some bread today.  This will be good.

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This is a good thing.

Karate last night was good.  Pat has got me doing a bit more teaching, and it’s helping me to think about what I’m doing, and why, and not blindly follow without understanding or questioning.
This is a good thing.
When it came to me and Pat practicing together, I managed to land a punch, and to catch him out a couple of times, so I’m managing to deal with his attacks, and hide my own intentions.
This is a good thing.

I’m just back from a lunchtime core session.  My abs are feeling a bit sorry for themselves, and again.  This is a good thing.  So much so that it will be repeated on Friday.

All I have to do is to remember to book my place for the yoga class on Thursday, and the week will have been a good one.

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Back in the swing of things

On Monday, I managed to haul myself to the gym first thing to do some yoga before work.  I’ve not been to the gym since about November, so this was an attempt to get back into it.
When I was leaving, I noticed that the Thursday evening yoga class I used to go to is back on.  I don’t know when it started up again, so I’ve probably missed a fair bit.  Anyway, it’s back on, so it’s all good, and I can make up for lost time.

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