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So the bike is good to go.  The rack is on, the panniers look cool.  Problem is I’m not.

First off there’s the weather.  It’s been snowing in Scotland, and Glasgow council’s rapid response team have yet again been caught out and seem to be surprised that the roads need gritting.  Add to the that the fact that I am loaded with the cold and tanked up on Night/Day nurse, and a bit fuzzy headed as a result, and you’ll soon see that jumping on the bike isn’t the smartest move I could make right now.

I was going to give away the old rack I had, since the whole reason for a new one was that it didn’t fit my bike due to the disc brakes, but since I’m planing to pick up another bike either a road/cross bike for a speedier commute, or a mtb to bounce about the woods near my house (I’m really undecided, and don’t have the space to keep three bikes), so I’ll hang onto the rack till I make a final decision.

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Woo hoo

Got home from work last night, and the new rack and panniers for the bike had arrived.  So, tonight I get to fit the rack.  There’s more pannier than I’ll need at the moment (2 side and one top “holdall”), but it means I can use one of the saddlebag ones for commuting, two if I’m heading to the shops, or the whole thing for a huge (not just large, but huge) shop, or going camping by bike.

So it’s all good.

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Back pounding away (sort of)

Still not managed an outdoor run this year.  Today was only my second run of the the year and again, it was on the treadmill (5k).

Is it just me?  I always seem to find it harder running on a treadmill than on the road.  I can never seem to get the speed “just right”, and it’s always a little too fast or weirdly “just” too slow.  It’s really annoying.

I need to just man up and get the wet weather gear on, and get out on the road.

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One of the photos I took of the Nymph fountain. This isn’t the one I framed, but it’s one of three that was a possibility. This is probably my 2nd favourite of all the photos I took of it.

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Wee sketch of somewhere that only exists in my head.


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New running shoes – update

So I got fed up with the weather not being conducive to a nice little outdoor run to test out the new shoes, to see if they would indeed be new running shoes, or consigned to gym only shoes, so I took them for a wee 3k test trot on the treadmill in the gym.

I’m happy to report that they seemed to perform well, despite the general online opinion predominantly being that Karrimor – good outdoor gear, rubbish running shoes.  They’re comfy, and they’re lighter than my Asics that I usually use.  There was no muscle pain from running in the “wrong” shoes, and I now just need to try them on the road on a longer run to give them the final thumbs up.

For the money I paid, it wouldn’t have mattered if they were no use to run in, but the fact that so far they seem to be fine, means I’ve snagged an amazing bargin.

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Pretty chuffed

There’s a photo I took of a fountain with a statue in it, that I then greyscaled, blew up, and printed out for framing.  I’d taken about 20 shots of the fountain before I got one that I was happy with.  It’s hanging on the wall in the living room, and to me at least, looks pretty cool.

Last night our neighbour was in to use our laptop to apply for a job, as her broadband is down at the moment.  When she say the picture she asked where I’d bought it.  When I told her I took it she really surprised.  She loved it.  Given the fact that she’s a photographer to trade (although she’s not working as one at the moment), I was really chuffed that she rated it.

She reckons I should get some prints made up to sell.

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Things of late

The clearout continues bwahahahahahahaha!

I recently got an email from Amazon for a free ebook.  Since I use a kindle I checked out what was on offer.  Of the five books I could choose from, the only one I would have picked was Stardust by Neil Gaiman, which, I already have as a dead tree.  I took it anyway.  Which frees up the paper copy to pass on to someone else.  So with that in mind, I’ve decided to replace all my Gaiman books with the exception of Smoke and Mirrors, which I had signed when I met Neil at a convention.

I’ll probably do the same with Clive Barker, although the books have already moved on, I’ve just not replaced them yet, and also with some other SF authors.

There’s going to be a clothes purge as well, as I picked up a fair bit of new stuff over Christmas/New Year.

I’ve also been having a nosey at road/cross bikes, with mind to getting a second bike.  The plan is that the new bike will be my commute bike/going out for a run bike, and the existing one will be the weekend bike for environmentally friendly trips to the shops (when I put a rack on it), and bouncing about on easy-ish trails (when the rack isn’t on it).

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Je suis Charlie

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So the clearout continues

I’ve sorted out a small pile of dvd’s that I’ll never watch again, and I’d advertised them in work (we’ve an adverts posting on the email).  Any that are left by Friday will go to Missing Records to trade in there, and any they don’t want will end up in the charity shop.

I’ve already had someone asking about This Island Earth.  This is a great movie, but someone gave it to me as a present, and I already have it in a box set of 50’s SF classics, so no qualms about letting it go.

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