Roller skating

Yesterday I went inline skating in the gym, after a break of a couple of weeks.  Lately there’s been a small group of roller derby skaters who join in. (they train there before we get the hall).  Yesterday, their numbers had swelled and they were making up about half of the skaters.
Now I’ve nothing against roller derby, BUT the guy who set up the skating session is trying to get older people to take up skating for fitness and fun.  The derby players use the session as an excuse to keep their practice going, and don’t reign themselves in.  It’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.
Some of us are thinking of just hiring a hall for an hour on our own.  It’s a shame that we have to do this.  The guy running the session just needs to remind them that it’s a general skating session and NOT a roller derby practice session, and they need to skate accordingly (practising blocking each other when others are tying to pass is just selfish).
I know why he’s reluctant to do this though, as this is how he makes his money, so more skaters = more money, BUT he’s risking alienating the very people he initially tried to attract.  The retired people who always used to skate there have all given up as they’re not enjoying being cut up by the roller derby players.

It’s a real shame.  If they would just reign it in a bit and skate instead of blocking each other, and racing round playing tag, then there wouldn’t be an issue.

And that is my grumpy rant for the week (hopefully).

In other news, I’m managing to do #yogaeverydamnday which is good.

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Spooky car in the woods

The weekend didn’t quite go as planned (we never went inline skating on Sunday), but it was still a good one.

Saturday we had games night, and played Pandemic for the first time.  Superb game, need to pick up a copy.  There’s a Cthulhu version, so that might be fun, although the original is really really good.
Decisions decisions……

Yesterday, since we didn’t go skating, we went for a walk in Pollok Park. Someone had abandoned and burned out a car in the woods.  Strange thing is that despite the ground being wet and muddy, there’s no tyre marks!

Later we went to the CCA, to see a documentary – The Cause of Ireland – about life for ordinary people on both sides of the divide, during the troubles in the six counties.  Really interesting film.



Burnt out car in Pollok Park (note the lack of tyre marks on the ground.)

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Motivated again

No cycling to work today, because (a) the weather is really crap, and (b) I go straight to karate from work, and there’s no-where to secure the bike, and I can’t take it into the hall, so this morning I took the train.
Once in, I went straight to the gym, and once again had the yoga area to myself, and did about 40 minutes of yoga.  Feel really good afterwords, so it’s a great start to the day, and a really great start to the week.

The weekend weather was appalling, but we managed to get out and headed to Craignethan Castle, which despite the rain we managed to really enjoy.  It’s about 20 miles from where we live, but if it wasn’t for the sat-nav, it would have been a pain to try and find.
I’ll get some photos up soon, once I’ve weeded out the dross.  The advantage/disadvantage of having a large memory card in the camera is that you shoot a hell of a lot of photos, knowing that some will be dross, but what the hell.  Just means that there’s more time spent sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

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Easter weekend

On Friday, we drove down to Largs with the bikes, and walked them onto the ferry to Cumbrae, for a wee cycle round the island (it’s about 9 miles).
It was a glorious day with a bit of a wind, so half the trip was into a headwind, and the other half was with a really nice tailwind.

Stopped off in Millport for a bite to eat and a drink, before heading to the ferry and back to Largs.

Nice wee day out.

The rest of the weekend had miserable weather, so we caught a couple of movies at the GFT on Sunday and Monday – Disorder and The Witch respectively – both of which were well worth seeing, but of the two, I have to say I preferred The Witch.

Some interesting films coming up next month, so plenty to see.


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Kelso Abbey


Spent the weekend in the Borders, and finally got to play with the new camera.  This is the ruins of Kelso Abbey.

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Nice wee weekend (despite the weather)

On Friday I had was out for a meal with work.  There had been a summer school, with American students over to see how forensics is done in Scotland, and to get a glimpse of our judicial system.

The meal was really good, and me wearing my kilt went down well with the students (and some of the waiting staff!).


On Saturday, we headed into town for a wander before going for a curry for dinner.  Since the kilt was still lying out from the Friday night, and it’s doesn’t get worn that often, I thought “Why not” and put it on again.  This time with hiking socks, Cat boots, and a sweatshirt.  


On to Sunday, and it was our weekly game of badminton.  Karen has been improving a lot, and winning more games lately.  Yesterday, there was some Chinese guys playing table tennis in the same hall, and one came over to watch us.  After a few minutes, he gave her some pointers, and from that point on she had me running round like a blue arsed fly!  It was only a little change he’d told her to try, but damn it made a big difference!  She was really chuffed.

Later we went for a drink, and bumped into an old friend of mine, so that was pretty cool.

Now it’s back to work, and I’ve a guitar lesson tonight

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