Yoga and zines

Different teacher at the yoga class last night, the regular one had a meeting to go to.  It was interesting seeing how someone else teaches the same style of yoga.
She took it a bit slower and was a bit more fun than the usual teacher (not that she’s not a friendly fun person, just she comes across a little more reserved than the teacher from last night), and this was pretty good, as there was a few people who came along who had never done yoga before.

I think between the two of them, and the Iyenga class I used to go to, I’ll now have a good idea of what I can do for a practice on my own when I’m not at a class.

Got a superb little literary zine through the post yesterday.  Razur Cuts is published in Falkirk, Scotland, and features poetry, stories, interviews and music.  It’s got a punky feel to it, and this is reflected in the bands that are interviewed.  The second issue has just come out, and it’s been expanded to feature more content than the first issue.  It’s a great read, and I recommend it.  Grab a copy if you can.

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