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Day out to Largs

Day out to Largs

Took a wee trip down the coast to Largs today. Decided to put my kilt on just for the hell of it. It’s an expensive piece of clothing just to have hanging up to drag out once a year for Christmas or New Year.

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The great ongoing clearout

The clearout is still an ongoing process.  On Saturday we managed to fill 5 bags with clothes, books, a pair of inline skates and a pair of ice skates, and take them to the PDSA shop.

I’ve still got a load of books, but since some of them were picked up at the SF group bookswap, I’ll take them along and put them back in the pile for others to take.

There’s still a load of clothes I could get rid of, so I’ll have another rake through the (rather massive) collection of t-shirts, and get some more bags filled.

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Top of the world (sort of)

Top of the world (sort of)

Well the weather was decent enough, so we headed up Dumgoyne. Small hill, but deceptively steep. It’s a fair slog to get up.

While we were at the top, an old guy appeared. We headed down before him, but he came bounding past us. I think he was part pensioner and part mountain goat. I can only hope I’m half as fit when I get to his age

Back off the hill and I went into the Glengoyne distillery to do the tour, which I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of years. Picked up a bottle of their 10 year old before heading home.

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This coming weekend

The reaction to the wee painting I did (see previous post) has been really positive and encouraging, both here, and on FB.  So with that in mind, tomorrow (weather permitting) I’m off hillwalking.  I’ll be taking the camera, and looking to get some pics that will hopefully be the inspiration for another attempt at a landscape.  This time of a place that actually exists.

So, fingers crossed that the weather holds out and that I get *that* photograph.

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Landscape #1

Landscape #1

First attempt ever at a watercolour.
A while back I got a little watercolour set on a whim. I’m absolutely not artistic, but fancied giving it a go.
I found a tutorial online, and this is my attempt at the painting from that. I’m not kidding myself that it’s any good, but it was actually fun to do, and to me that’s the important thing, not the end result.

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Piping Live 2

Piping Live 2

West Lothian Schools pipe band

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Piping Live

Piping Live

I think this band is from Australia

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What’s been happening

On Saturday, we headed up to Callander to do a wee walk to the Bracklinn Falls.  Nice wee walk, of about 5 miles all in, with the falls themselves being really nice and in a fantastically scenic part of the country.

The downside was my hayfever kicked in and when I sneezed, my teeth clashed, and I chipped a bit out a filling, and now have to get that fixed.  I’ve an appointment for Thursday, so that’s ok.  There’s no pain, so I don’t mind the wait.

The Piping Live festival is has just started, so there’s the sounds of pipes in the city centre. This will culminate in the World Pipe Band Championships on Glasgow Green at the weekend.

Unfortunately, George Square is being renovated at the moment, so all the activity that usually takes place throughout the week is now at St Enoch’s Square, which is easy to get to but not as central, or as big.  Hopefully it’ll be back to normal next year.

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Next year’s travels

So, the trip for next year is to Cape Verde.  I don’t think that it’ll add much, if anything, to my travel blog* – click on the Blogger link in the “about me” bit on the right – as it seems to be volcanic landscapes and beautiful beaches.  I pretty much expect it will be a chill out and catch up with some reading type holiday.  Which is totally fine.  There’s been a lot of stuff in the last year that’s not been good, so a relaxing holiday is just what’s needed.  Then again, there seems to be trekking to be done, so I’ll take the walking boots.  You never know.

(*the blog was set up when we went to India last year, so friends could see where we were and what we were up to.  I kept it going with this year’s trip to Jordan, which to my shame I’ve still to finish posting.  It’s almost there though.  Feel free to have a look and leave any comments.

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Belated birthday post.

Just over a week ago it was my birthday, and I headed into town with Karen, to meet up with a friend to see Roman Holiday at the GFT.  We were a few minutes early, so I waited outside while Karen checked if he was inside, which he was.

There’s renovations going on at the moment, and the wall hiding them has become a wall for commenting on post-it notes, about what cinema means to you.  When I got in, Karen had posted a message on the wall. (see pic).  Nice wee surprise.


After the movie (which was great), we headed to Nanakusa for some Japanese food, before finishing off the day with a couple of drinks.  Really nice day.


Then yesterday I got a belated birthday present from a friend we don’t see that often. *geek happy dance*


2013-08-04 19.59.43

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