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First snow of the year.  Hope it’s not the last.



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Quick update

So if anyone isn’t in the UK, in Scotland, were were pretty much snowed in for the most of last week. Huge dump of snow. Transport ground to a halt and police were telling people not to drive.
On the plus side I got 3 days off work that I never expected, and went into the snow covered Pollok Estate with my camera (pics to follow once I sort them out). We even went sledging in Linn Park, which was great fun.

Tonight, I’ve got the first of the Intro to Ashtanga, course that I’ve signed up to. It’s the same teacher that takes the Vinyasa Flow class that I go to on a Thursday. I’m looking forward to this. A bit of variation never hurt anyone.

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Back on the bike soon (fingers crossed)

The high winds that kept me off the bike through December and the start of this month have stopped.  Finally.  So, the plan is to get back on the bike in February.  I would be using it again already, but I bought a month pass for the train as it was cheaper than the equivalent in weekly passes and a lot cheaper than paying on a daily basis.

The only thing that might stop me is that I’ve heard there’s a chance of snow this weekend.  I can believe it, the temperature has taken a sudden drop, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it did snow.  If it does and it’s over by the 5th, then that’s fine, as that’s when the train pass runs out.  Got all the wet weather gear for the bike, so it’s just wind, and snow/ice that are potentially delaying my return to two wheels.

Fingers crossed February is decent weather-wise.

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