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Getting off-line and getting a life

Technology is great.  Really great.  If you think about it, some of the stuff in Star Trek is here.  Look at the shows, they use what amounts to tablets, and communicators = mobile phones.

I’ve a small bit of tech that fits in my pocket.  I can talk to people all over the work with it.  I can connect to the internet with it, where pretty much all of humanity’s knowledge is now residing (if you can filter out the white noise).  And (the really useful bit) with built in GPS and Google Earth/maps, there’s no need to be lost.  Ever.

But, here’s the sad thing.  Too many people are living life THROUGH this technology, instead of using it to get out there and really LIVE.  Now, if you’re disabled and can’t leave the house, that’s fair enough.  In fact, it brings the world outside, right to the palm of your hand.  But, if you’re perfectly able bodied, the more time your spending online/playing Candy Crush (or whatever), the less time you’re spending living life.
Some people are obsessed with checking in on Foursquare.  Now if you’re actually out and about, and using it to let friends know “Hey I’m in this coffee shop, come find me and catch up”, then that’s cool.


If you’re just checking in places because you can, well, is that really living?  Is that a life?  Checking in should be a means to an end (letting people know where you are so they can meet up), and not an end in itself.

A while back we went on holiday and I forgot to pick up my phone.  For the first couple of days I actually felt like I was missing out, then I realised I was off the grid, and the freedom that came with that was incredible.  Ok, I got home and fell into my old ways, but now, I try and get out as much as possible, and actually DO things, and not just sit online and post, well, shite if truth be told.

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Just back from my second lunchtime group meditation session, and I really feel good from it.

It definitely calms me down.  I’ve been pretty stressed* the last few weeks, due to some things that have been happening, and while they seem to have been sorted out, it didn’t make much difference.  For example, a letter arrived from my solicitor, who had been sorting out a problem we’d had when we bought our house.  The problem is all sorted – although it took three years – and this was just a paper copy of an email I’d received, with a receipt for the money I had paid them, so there was nothing to get worked up about, but when I saw the envelope with the solicitors stamp on it, I felt physically sick.
So, even though everything was sorted, just receiving this letter was obviously stressful as it was a reminder of the mess my original solicitor had left us in, and the three years of letter writing and panicking I’d done.

I have to say that after today’s meditation session I feel in a better place.  I’m a lot calmer, and I think I’m back to my usual chilled out self.

(* at one stage it had resulted in me grinding my teeth to the extent that I’d loosened a crown I have, which then meant a trip to the dentist (that I shouldn’t have needed) to get it put in again)

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Finally, but it took three years

Three years ago, we found out that the solicitor that we had paid to do the conveyancing for our house, arsed it up and basically didn’t do the work he was paid to do.  Result being, we didn’t own the house.
This was when we found out that the practice he had been a partner in had ceased trading, so, it was off to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, and we also had to find another solicitor to do the remedial conveyancing.
Last week, a couple of months past three years since discovering we’d been shafted, it all appears to have been done, solicitors fee’s covered, compensation used to pay for a well deserved holiday, and because he held on to money we’d paid and not done the work, one solicitor being investigated for professional misconduct.

Honestly I’m just glad it’s all over.  But if you ever have to involve the SLCC just be aware it can be a long process.

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Wonder how I’ll vote in the referendum……hmmmmmm

Wonder how I'll vote in the referendum......hmmmmmm

Hmmmmm. What to vote……

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Feeling a bit meh

Think I may have a bug.  I’ve not been feeling 100% since probably Sunday.  Nothing I can put my finger on.  The closest I can think is when you’re feeling a bit rough the morning after the night before.

I’m definitely a bit dehydrated which isn’t helping, but I’m working on taking on more water and less coffee, which is a diuretic, so that should be sorted pretty quicky.  I’m also not really in the mood to do much.  I’m putting this down the apathy due to feeling meh.

Off for a night away at the weekend, so hopefully I’ll be back on track by then, as there’s walks in the hills to be done (weather permitting).

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Dear Edwina, Thankyou for last night. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. #bigbenefitsrow

Dear Edwina, Thankyou for last night. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. #bigbenefitsrow.

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