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Birds in the park

Went for a walk in Queens Park last night and came across these little guys.  I’ve been told they’re Coots.

IMG_20150526_182723 IMG_20150526_182726 IMG_20150526_183326 IMG_20150526_183329 IMG_20150526_183331 IMG_20150526_183337 IMG_20150526_183339

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The problem with downsizing your life is….

….getting rid of stuff is hard, even though you haven’t used/worn it for <insert deity of choice> know’s how long.  I discovered just how hard at the weekend.  I went through a couple of drawers of t-shirts that I haven’t even opened in at least a year, unless it was to “archive” something.  I pulled out each and every t-shirt, and about 75% of them made it back in unscathed.  The old faithfuls that I wore to death, and in the case of my Jane’s Addiction shirt from the Ritual de lo Habitual tour is pretty much held together with blind faith, I put back in.  The ones that went were all pretty much new and unworn.  Things I’d bought on a whim because they were cool – don’t get me wrong, they still are – but never wore, as another “old faithful” got pulled out in their place.
I know it’s nuts.  I’ve an original CBGB’s shirt that someone brought me back from NY about 15 years ago.  You can almost see through it, that’s how worn it’s getting.  Same with the t-shirt from the 1st Peterlee tattoo convention, which has also seen far better days, but these are what I’ve kept, and perfectly serviceable stuff that I’ve hardly worn (if at all) have found themselves consigned to the charity bag.

On the plus side, it’s a dent (however small) in the mountain of stuff I have to get rid off, and at least the PDSA will benefit.

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Toto in Glasgow

Last night went to see Toto at the Concert Hall in Glasgow.  Now while I’ve heard and liked the odd song over the years, they’ve always seemed a little rock-lite for my tastes, but my wife is a fan, and I knew she’d love seeing them live, so off we went.

Well, they may come across “rock-lite” on album, but they were totally blistering live.  I knew Steve Lukather was a good guitarist, but last night I discovered he’s actually an awesome guitarist.  It was a brilliant show.  Over two hours of classic rock, and of course, they had to finish with Africa 😀

I was pretty stunned to hear from the stage that this was the first time they’d ever been to Glasgow!

Anyway, I think last night turned me from casual appreciator to fully fledged fan.  Now, I’m nipping out to buy the new album (XIV)  catch you all later.

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Active day

Yesterday I cycled to work (approx 10k), at lunchtime I went for a wee run (4.3k according to Strava), and then cycled the 10k home again.  I’m pretty happy about the fact that my level of fitness is improving, and I’m enjoying what I’m doing.
Saying that, I still have motivational issues when it comes to karate.  There’s a few times I’ve thought that if Karen wasn’t coming along too, I’d have given up (although, once I get to the class I do enjoy it).

So, regular exercise, and trying to cut out the junk when it comes to food (struggling with that a bit though.  Why is it that the tasty food is the worst for you?).

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Back running

Over the weekend, I managed to get out for my first run this year.
I’ve been really lazy, and got the “can’t be arsed” stage, as it seemed like a huge wall was up between me and running, but on Saturday night, I left out the running gear, and on Sunday morning I got up and went out.  I have to admit I almost didn’t as it was raining, but I thought “Sod it.” and went anyway.

At 7.00am, I pretty much had Pollok estate to myself, and only saw another 3 or 4 people running.  I’m really lucky to have this park literally on my doorstep, and sometimes I take it for granted.

The rain was soon forgotten (I have always had a problem setting out in the rain.  I don’t mind it starting once I’m out, but seeing it rain before I set off makes it hard for me to get out the door) and I was quickly just enjoying the run and the “me” time.

As I haven’t run in about six months, I took it easy, and just did a wee loop that comes in at just under 5.5k.  A nice wee easy pace too.

Thighs were a bit achey the next day, but in a good way.  I also felt really good for the rest of the day.  That’s one of the things I love about running.  I always feel better about myself and life in general when I’m running.  My wife thinks I’m a lot happier a person and more positive when I run, so it does have benefits for mental well-being as well as physical health benefits.

Anyway, here’s a wee pic from a few years ago when I was a member of Bellahouston Road Runners (when I get back up to speed, I plan to re-join).  I’m the one in the purple vest.


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