There was some over-indulgence of the weekend courtesy of the Paisley Beer Festival (excellent timing, as we avoided the crowds) and the single malt collection in the house.  It was fun, but it’s time to knock it on the head and get back into training.

With that in mind, it’s time to get running again.  I’ve not got the excuse that stopped me over the winter (snow and ice on the roads) and I can always use the treadmill in the gym at work if that’s the case, so time to man up, get out there, and get the painful bit over and done with, so I can get back to enjoying running again.

I’ve not been vegging out completely though, I’ve been back on the bike with a vengence, so hopefully it’ll be a fairly gradual climb back to where I was at when winter made me wimp out.

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Remembering Syria

Last night I was watching a programme about Christians being persecuted across the Middle East – the exception being Lebanon, which has it written into it’s constitution that both Muslims and Christians HAVE to have equal representation in the make up of the government.

There was a section in the programme about Syria, and the Christian town of Maaloula. When we were in Syria a couple of years before the current crisis started, we visited Maaloula. It was a beautiful little town in the mountains, with an absolutely stunning monastery, which we visited.

We – unfortunately – see images from war zones all the time now on tv, and shocking as it usually is, when you see somewhere that you have actually been, it really brings it home.

The people we stayed with, who ran a hostel in the old city in Damascus, fortunately managed to get out, and made their way to Jordan.

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The new wheels

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So, I got the bike

On Thursday last week I picked up my new bike, and very nice it is too. Unfortunately, thanks to the weather, and the 60mph+ winds in particular, I’ve only ridden it once, and that was on the way home from the shop :-(

Yesterday we had snow. SNOW!!! It’s almost Easter!!!!

Anyway, it’s just going to make the first proper ride, all the better for the waiting.

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More downsizing required

I still have that second bag of dvd’s to take to the 2nd hand music/dvd shop.  I also have to get more looked out and decide if I really need them.
Ok, I don’t need any of them, I’ll rephrase that.  (a) Do I want them, and (b) realistically will I watch them again, and often enough to justify them taking up space?

Then there’s t-shirts that need clearing out too.  They’ll go to the charity shop.

Books I’ve pretty much got down to an ok level and I’m happy with my kindle, but I could probably get rid of more if I put my mind to it.  Again, charity shop.

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Latest bike news

So, this Friday, I’ve got a test ride on the Cannondale organised. If it feels right, when the cycle to work scheme starts in just over a week, I’ll be picking it up. They’re going to give me a Genesis to try as well. It’s supposed to be similar, so they want to give me an option. It’s a bit more than I want to pay, and to be honest, even if it wasn’t, I think I’m pretty sold on the CAADX, so the Genesis will have to be something special to sway me.

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Clearout update

So I took a wee pile of dvd’s to the 2nd hand shop, and result!  £15 of your shiny new earth pounds sterling.   Ok, so they offered me £24 trade or £15 cash, and tempting as the trade value was, I AM trying to clear out after all, so £15 cash it was.

There’s now a nice wee space freed up in the house, and I’ve another load looked out and ready to take down.  I’ll leave it a week though.  I’ve advertised them in work, so folks there can have first refusal.

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Bike #2

The cycle to work scheme should be kicking in again next month.  I’m seriously considering the Cannondale CAADX Sora Disc
 as my commute/longer run bike, to complement the Giant escape M1 that I currently own.

To be honest, I’d probably be happy enough with one of the B’Twin road bikes that I had a try of in Decathalon, BUT, the cross bikes have wheels/tyres that will be more forgiving on the roads of Glasgow.  That, and the fact that with the savings I’ll make via the scheme, although the Cannondale is almost double the price of the B’Twin, I’ll end up paying about the same or just over.  So more bike for my buck sort of thing.

We’ll see, but if I go for a Cross, it’s probably the Cannondale, and if I (for some reason) go road, then possibly B’Twin.

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Clear out challenge

As the seemingly never ending clearout goes ever on, I’ve set myself a challenge.  To get rid of one thing – something substantial – every day for a month.  Every day, find just one thing that I can put in a bag to go to the charity shop, and at the end of the month, take the bag and hand if over.
No editing, no mind changing.  Once it’s in the bag it stays in the bag.

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Pro-independence robot graffiti


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