Quick update.

Still to sort out the Cape Verde photographs (I know, I know).  In the meantime here’s a photo I took on the way in to work this morning of the carousel in George Square in Glasgow.



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A trip

Off on a week’s veg out to Cape Verde, so the photo updates from the Canadian friend’s visit will be delayed.  I’ve been run off my feet and just haven’t had the time to sort through them yet.  I will.  Soon.  Watch this space.

In other news, I’m off to see Cat Stevens/Yousuf Islam tonight.  My wife is a big fan, so she’s really looking forward to this.

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We’ve had a friend over from Canada, and have been doing the touristy thing.  It’s kind of weird but fun seeing places you’ve become accustomed to, through the eyes of someone who’s experiencing them for the first time.

The result is we’ve got a load of photos, so once she leaves, I’ll take time to sort through them and get some uploaded.  This afternoon we’re off to do the tour of Central Station, before hitting a couple of micro breweries.

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Random image

Photo I took the other morning on the way to work.


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The great clearout of 2016

Seriously, the amount of bags we’ve taken to the charity shop or the recycling centre, this clearout will go down in the annals of history.
And it’s not yet over.

We now have a floor in the spare room.  Yes, and actual floor you can walk on, and not have to tiptoe round piles of books/dvd’s.  Karen has her sewing machine set up at one end of the room, and my guitar and amp are at the other.  What books survived the cull are all on the bookshelves, and the cd’s are tidied up.

I’ve even managed to get a lot of prints that we were meaning to frame, framed and up on the walls.  Still got some more that I want to frame and hang, but don’t have appropriate sized frames at the moment.

I’m sure there’s more to get rid of.  I’ve an xbox 360 that I couldn’t actually say when the last time was I switched it on, so that’s looking like a contender for heading out the door.

I was actually dreading starting getting rid of things, because, well, it’s my stuff, and I must have wanted it yadda yadda yadda.  But that’s the thing, it’s just “stuff”.  It’s not being used, it’s clutter.  I don’t need to keep EVERY book I’ve ever bought.  There’s cd I’ll probably never listen to again.  There’s dvd’s I’ll probably never watch again.  In fact, I’ll just pick up a Fire stick, and stream movies.  I’ll not need to buy any more dvd’s.  If I want to watch a movie, I’ll just stream it.  Simple, and it doesn’t take up any space in the house.

I’m actually feeling mentally happier now there’s less clutter about, but I can totally understand how people can become hoarders.  It’s not that much of a leap between “collector” and “hoarder”.

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3D printing

Been a while since I posted anything.  It’s also been a while since I did any 3D printing, but with the students back, the demand is back.
This is the first print since I had to replace a print head, so I was a bit worried it wasn’t going to work, but so far (it’s still got 5 hours to go) it’s fine.
Took a little video of it printing, as I know some people who can’t get their heads round it, and saying “Imagine icing a cake…..it’s a bit like that” doesn’t seem to clarify things, so hopefully this will help them get it.


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New stuff.

Picked up an action camera.  Based on reviews, and not wanting to fork out the money for a GoPro (not that I have anything against GoPro other than price) I opted for an Olfi 5.1
It’s just arrived a couple of days ago, and other than traumatising the cats by chasing them round with it, I’ve not had a chance to play with it properly, but it does seem to be a decent bit of kit, and at half the proce of a GoPro, I can’t complain.
I’ve ordered a 3rd party helmet mount, so I can use when I’m cycling, so when that comes in I’ll have a proper play with it.

Today I also picked up a new rucksack for holidays.  The Karrimor I’ve used for years finally burst on me on the way back from Vietnam, earlier this year.  It wasn’t catastrophic, not a case of clothes spilling all over the conveyor belt at the airport, but I wouldn’t have liked to try using it again, so definitely time for a new one.
I plumped for a Trespass Trek 66 which I managed to get at 50% off.  It’s 6L larger than the Karrimor, and it’s lighter to boot, so seems like a decent enough purchase.

The weather in Glasgow this week has been rain and wind, so unfortunately I’ve been getting the train rather than cycling.  Over the winter (gale force winds permitting) I’ll probably be using the hybrid rather than the road bike.  It’s a Giant Escape M1 and I’ve stuck a rack on the back.  Due to getting loads of flats with the tyres that came with it, I’ve stuck Armadillo knoblies on for the time being, but I’m thinking for commuting, of changing these for Schalbe marathons.  Better for commuting and still bombproof.
It’s been ages since I’ve used it regularly, and when I did use it about a month ago to do the Glasgow SkyRide with my wife, I jumped on, sat down and missed the saddle completely as it wasn’t where it would have been on the road bike.  Actually felt pretty weird for a while, being that upright.  So yeah, need to use it more.  It’s a good bike and doesn’t deserve to be sitting unused.

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Bike stuff

Been a wee while since I’ve been on, so here’s a quick update.
I did the Pedal for Scotland bike ride again, cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh (Ingleston Showground to be exact) a distance of 46 miles.  The route this year was way better than last years’ with some of the brutal hills from last year being avoided.  That’s not to say there weren’t any hills, there were, but no problems to get up. (OK there was a bit of work involved, but at no point did I think I’d have to get off and walk up).
I also raised £220 for the Scottish Wildlife Trust, so I was pretty chuffed with that.

I just received a gps bike computer that I’d ordered, so it’s on the bike and good to go.  I’ll test it out on the commute to work tomorrow.

Other than that, I’ve just been getting on with the usual stuff.



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Bike ride to Balloch

On Wednesday, I’d taken a day off work after checking the weather forecast, and decided to cycle the 21 miles from the house to Balloch.
I’d been wanting to do this for a while, but the weather and the timing had been off.  On Wednesday, everything just clicked.

I’ve not done this before, but getting from the house to join NCR7 was simple enough and I joined at the Bells bridge at the SECC before heading for Balloch.
The route takes in Clydebank, Yoker, Dumbarton, Renton and Balloch following the Forth and Clyde canal.

It’s a really nice ride once you’re out of the city, and I completely lost track of time.  Before I knew it I had arrived at Balloch and Loch Lomond.
I was getting a lift back from my wife, so I gave her a call, and while I was waiting I grabbed some breakfast.

So a great wee morning out.  Really enjoyed it and will definitely do it again, but extend the ride to finish at Luss


2016-08-24 07.54.26

Boats moored at Bowling

2016-08-24 09.13.29

The Maid of the Loch


Loch Lomond


The trusty steed at Loch Lomond

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That went better than expected

Anyone who’s read this blog for a while will probably be aware that I used to run regularly – I was a member of Bellahouston Road Runners, and regularly entered 10k’s, half-marathons, and did 1 marathon – before somehow falling out of the habit.  I’ve tried to keep going by myself, but find it hard to motivate or push myself, so just kept doing the same route in the same time, and wasn’t improving at all but just ticking over.
Today s work colleague wanted to get back into running after a long lay-off, so at lunchtime, we headed out for a loop of about 5k.
There was a bit of walk/run/walk/run involved, but you know, it didn’t matter.  We were out, and we were running, and it’s better to start getting back into it like this, than to try and burst a gut, and get disillusioned all over again.

Hopefully this is going to continue, but I’m happy at the moment to take it slow and see how it goes.

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