First run in months

Made it out this morning for my first run in a couple of months.  Just my usual wee 5K route round Pollok estate.

Took it nice and easy, setting no target time wise, and surprisingly was only a couple of minutes slower than usual.

I’ve entered a 10k at the end of August to give me something to aim for, so time to stop making excuses and get out running.

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……aaaaaaand exhale……..

Was feeling tired, and stressed this afternoon.  Found a guided chakra meditation on youtube, and thought “What the hell”.  Now I’m feeling, calm, relaxed, and awake.  It works, it’s really good.

I’ve tried Buddhist meditation, and liked that, but this really seemed to tick the right boxes.  I’ve got it bookmarked, and plan to do it on a regular basis now.

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Bike service

Got a free service for the bike today, courtesy of my work, which arranges for Dr Bike to come in ever so often.  It was needing the gears adjusted, as the cables are stretched now and the gears were slipping.  Since it had already had the post purchase service from the shop, I would have had to pay £20 for a basic service, just to get the cables adjusted, so this was good timing, and it saved me £25.
I also picked up some info on the bike servicing courses they run, and will definitely look into doing them in the near future.  If you know what you’re doing, you can go to the shop and hire a service bay and all the tools, for £4 an hour, which is damn good.  But first I have to know what I’m doing :-D  (They do have mechanics on hand to help out if need be).

What I thought was pretty cool, was the checklist they gave me with what they’d done ticked off, had a box for comments from the mechanic.  In mine he’d written “Great bike”.  Made my day.

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Just having been on holiday has brought home to me just how little of all the stuff my life is cluttered with, I actually need.
Two books I read and loved while on holiday – In the Miso Soup, and Piercing, both by Ryu Murikami – I left lying in the hotel for someone else to discover, and hopefully love too. (if you love something, set it free :-)  )
Now that I’m back, I need to up the ante and get serious again with the clutter.

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Home again home again, jiggedy jig.

So we’re back from the trip to Dubai/Malaysia, and it was awesome.  I’ll get some pics up later this week, when I get a chance, but basically Dubai was scorchio (43C) and Malaysia was humid (80% humidity) and scorchio.  Dubai was about £8 for a beer (so I didn’t have any) and Malaysia about £2 for a small or £3 for a damn big one.  So I did.

We found cheap places to eat in Dubai, and Malaysia was just a lot cheaper anyway.  Food was great in both places.
I liked Dubai, but I really don’t know if I could go there on a proper holiday (we did 2 nights either side of Malaysia), as it’s blisteringly hot, and seems to revolve around shopping malls, unlike any other Arab country I’ve been to.  It’s also very clean and orderly and not at all dusty and ramshackle, like – for instance – Morocco, and I do like a the chaos of those places over the sanitised version that is Dubai.  (That’s not to say I didn’t like Dubai, I did.)
Malaysia, I loved.  KL was amazing, and while I thought the driverless metro system in Dubai was great, the monorail in KL trumped it.  Street food in KL was superb, and then Penang, with it’s stunning coastline, and Georgetown, which was fun to just wander round and get lost in.

I’d love to go back to KL and to a different part of Malaysia – Langkawi maybe, instead of Penang, and I will be back in Dubai for stopovers in the future.

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Pre-trip nerves

So tomorrow we’re off on holiday.  I always stress in the run up to a trip, an only relax, once I’m checked-in, in the departure lounge, and have a beer in my hand.  

Scratch that it’s once I’m on a the plane, we’ve taken off, I’ve got a book in my hand, and a drink in front of me.

One cat was taken to a cat sitter last night, and the other is going to my mum’s tonight.  Then I have to finish the last wee bit of packing, check the paperwork (again.  Hey, I’m slightly OCD, so sue me) and get the hand luggage sorted.

Tomorrow, you can pretty much guarantee that despite getting ready tonight, I’ll be like a bag of cats tomorrow morning.

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Guy in work dropped off some movies on dvd that I’d given him a loan of a while back and forgotten about.  Now there’s more stuff to clear out!!!  (Although I will be keeping the Led Zepplin one)

That aside, I’m just looking forward to a trip to Malaysia.  I’ve never been before, so I can’t wait.  Couple of nights in KL, then onto Penang for just over a week.  On the way out and the way back, we’re stopping in Dubai for a couple of days.  I’ve changed flights there, but never set foot outside the airport, so that’s something else that’s new to look forward to.

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Macro shot

Flowers on the shore of Loch Venacher

Flowers on the shore of Loch Venachar

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Cycling t-shirt

Saw this and couldn’t resist.


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Morning commute

Really nice morning today.  The bike ride to work was really nice, especially along the Clyde side.
I stopped and took a photo of the bike with the squinty bridge in the background.  It was too nice a day not to take a photo.

Bike posing by the river

Bike posing by the river

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