Waterfall in Linn Park, East Renfrewshire.  Just outside of Glasgow.dsc_0048

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Yoga and Sons of Anarchy (not related)

That Thursday Iyengar yoga class I mentioned in the previous post?  Despite being told “Lunchtime is Vinyasa Flow and evening is Iyengar”  it turned out that yes, lunchtime IS Vinyasa Flow, BUT evening is ALSO Vinyasa Flow.
When I walked into the class and saw the teacher, my initial reaction was “Aw….shite!”, but I have to say I did enjoy her class, even managing one of the two “hands on the floor feet off the floor” poses that she included.  I can’t remember the name off-hand as I was concentrating on actually doing the pose rather than what it was called.
I’ll do the Iyengar on my own as and when, as I’ve read that it complements other styles, and if the Iyengar starts up again, I can always go to that as well.

At the weekend I saw the last episodes of Sons of Anarchy, and was (a) gutted that it’s all over, and (b) happy that they finished it the only way they could.  It was a superb show.  Best series I’ve seen since Breaking Bad.

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Back in the swing of things

On Monday, I managed to haul myself to the gym first thing to do some yoga before work.  I’ve not been to the gym since about November, so this was an attempt to get back into it.
When I was leaving, I noticed that the Thursday evening yoga class I used to go to is back on.  I don’t know when it started up again, so I’ve probably missed a fair bit.  Anyway, it’s back on, so it’s all good, and I can make up for lost time.

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Something to look forward to

Last year for my 50th, the plan was to do a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.  Problem was I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to spend the most time in, so Cambodia was put aside for a later date, and we went to Vietnam – Ho Chi Mihn City and Hoi An – via Hong Kong (where we did caught the ferry to Macau for a day), and a couple of nights in Dubai on the way back.
This year, the plan was to finally get to Cambodia, and add in Laos as well.  Things didn’t quite work out.  To go where we wanted to go, we would have had to fly via Ho Chi Minh, adding on extra flight costs that were going to take us a fair bit over budget.  Instead, we’re now going to Bali – somewhere I’ve really wanted to go – with a 3 night stop in Bangkok on the way out (my wife hasn’t been there in over 20 years, and I’ve never been), and 3 nights in Dubai on the way back, to break up the journey.

I’m really looking forward to this trip.  I think Bangkok will be amazing for street photography opportunities, and of course there’s the food.  There’s the chance to take surf lessons in Bali (bucket list tick), and Dubai is possibly one of my favourite cities, so it’s all good.

In the meantime, here’s a photo from Hoi An in Vietnam, from my trip last year.


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Annnnnd we’re back to normal

So that’s Christmas and New Year out the way for another year (or as far as the shops are concerned, until September, when it’s deemed socially acceptable to start selling us Crimbo).

In a way I’m glad, because although I don’t consider myself that religious, I do find it pretty crass that the whole event has been reduced to a marketing ploy for shops to separate us from our money and give us stuff that to be honest we don’t really need or particularly want, in exchange.

The break from work was good, so I can’t complain about that.  Managed to catch Rogue One and Passengers at the cinema, and had a couple of nice meals out.

Even gave the kilt another airing on Christmas day.  It’s good to have an excuse to put it on, as it’s a lot of money to pay for a garment to just have it hanging in a wardrobe all year.


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Photo update

Sorting through some pics from a friend’s recent visit from Canada, and decide to post this one of me at Culzean Castle.


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Panic stations

Had a bit of a panic attack in the supermarket last Thursday evening.  Felt myself getting seriously stressed for absolutely no reason.  My heart was racing, and I desperately wanted to get out and go straight home, despite the fact we were heading to the pub quiz.
It passed pretty quickly thankfully, but I’ve realised that I need to get back to doing yoga regularly (panic attacks of no, this is something I need to do) and need to start meditating again.

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Quick update.

Still to sort out the Cape Verde photographs (I know, I know).  In the meantime here’s a photo I took on the way in to work this morning of the carousel in George Square in Glasgow.



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A trip

Off on a week’s veg out to Cape Verde, so the photo updates from the Canadian friend’s visit will be delayed.  I’ve been run off my feet and just haven’t had the time to sort through them yet.  I will.  Soon.  Watch this space.

In other news, I’m off to see Cat Stevens/Yousuf Islam tonight.  My wife is a big fan, so she’s really looking forward to this.

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We’ve had a friend over from Canada, and have been doing the touristy thing.  It’s kind of weird but fun seeing places you’ve become accustomed to, through the eyes of someone who’s experiencing them for the first time.

The result is we’ve got a load of photos, so once she leaves, I’ll take time to sort through them and get some uploaded.  This afternoon we’re off to do the tour of Central Station, before hitting a couple of micro breweries.

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