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Yoga tonight

So, in half an hour’s time, I’ll be at the first yoga class I’ve been to in about 5 years.  I previously stopped when the girl that took the class left when she had a baby, and now, someone else is running an Iyengar class, so  I think it’s time to get back to it.
Appropriate timing too as I’m a tad stressed at work at the moment, so this is good timing.

Wish me luck folks, hoping I get into it again.

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Easter weekend

On Friday, we drove down to Largs with the bikes, and walked them onto the ferry to Cumbrae, for a wee cycle round the island (it’s about 9 miles).
It was a glorious day with a bit of a wind, so half the trip was into a headwind, and the other half was with a really nice tailwind.

Stopped off in Millport for a bite to eat and a drink, before heading to the ferry and back to Largs.

Nice wee day out.

The rest of the weekend had miserable weather, so we caught a couple of movies at the GFT on Sunday and Monday – Disorder and The Witch respectively – both of which were well worth seeing, but of the two, I have to say I preferred The Witch.

Some interesting films coming up next month, so plenty to see.


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A few years ago, someone in work started an early morning yoga class (7.00am).  I went along as I thought it would help get me more flexible for karate, which it did.  Unfortunately the class stopped as the girl that took it got pregnant and left.
Recently I’ve been thinking about looking for a class again, and I’d got as far as finding a local one that did Iyengar, but the other day as I was coming out the gym at work, I noticed a flyer for and Iyengar class.
Turns out it’s a Thursday at 5.00pm, so it fits right in with me finishing work at 4.45pm.  So tomorrow I’ll be going along to see how I get on.  I emailed since it’s been so long, and checked it was suitable for beginners (it’s been a long break), and it is.  Even better is that as it’s the gym that runs the class and it’s not an external club, it’s covered with my membership and I don’t have to pay.

The universe obviously meant for me to find this class.

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Sleepy cat sketch

Had a go at sketching one of the cats yesterday, with charcoal.  She wasn’t interested in posing for me and just curled up and fell asleep, so here’s a sketch of a cat from the back.

2016-03-20 11.45.31

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Games night

On Saturday, we had some friends over for a games night.  Started off with a relic from my childhood, the 70’s classic, Stay Alive.  My copy has actually survived with me from the 70’s, and is still going strong.  For a kid’s game, it really manages to get fully fledged adults using language that wouldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) be used by it’s target audience.
Good fun.

We skipped Zombie Dice this time, and opted for Cthulhu Dice, before deciding to go for broke and getting out Zombies, for full-on apocalyptic mayhem.

All in all, an excellent night.  Next time round I’ll try and get them playing Munchkin.

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Good weekend

Had a day off on Friday.  The car was going in for a valet that it was due as part of the deal we got when we bought it.  Of course, they couldn’t give us a booking on the weekend, it HAD to be during the week, so I had to take a day off.
It was booked in for the afternoon, so I decided in the morning, to take myself out on the bike, and cycled over to Shawlands (a couple of miles from the house), where I had breakfast, before cycling to Bellahouston (another couple of miles) where I went for a swim in the first time in years.*
The plan was 30 lengths, but I surprised and surpassed myself by doing 40 before calling it quits.

The sports centre does a swim only membership, and I can break even with one swim a week.  Any more than that and I’ve saved money, so I think I might be going more often.

Yesterday the ongoing clearout netted another bag of clothes and dvd’s for the PDSA.  While we were there, I picked up a Tom Waits cd – Heartattack and Vine – for 99p, and the graphic novel Habibi for £9.99, so that’s a result 😀


*not strictly true as I DO go swimming, but only when we’re on holiday, and I haven’t swum in a pool in Scotland in about 15 years

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