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So I had my operation.  It was done as an out patient, under a local anaesthetic.
I have to say, the worst part was the anaesthetic, and only because I’m a coward when it comes to needles.  It really was painless and easy.

All in, I was in and out in about 1/1.5 hours, it wasn’t long.

Last week I got the stitches out, and the worst part of that was the dressing coming off.  (think large plaster over chest hair!)
They put another dressing over the scar (about 65mm long, so reasonably impressive), and I’ve to keep that on for 10 days.  After that, it’s just a case of moisturising the scar to help keep it as supple as scar tissue can be.

If you have any blemishes that you are the least concerned about, get it checked out, it might be nothing, but if you think it could be, the peace of mind knowing it isn’t is worth it.
If it is something, then you’ve started the processes to get it sorted, and better getting it over and done with.

IMG_20190827_065307This is the basal cell carcinoma prior to surgery (about the size of a penny)


Post surgery.  11 stitches.  The incision was about 65mm to ensure it was all removed.

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