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Pre-trip nerves

So tomorrow we’re off on holiday.  I always stress in the run up to a trip, an only relax, once I’m checked-in, in the departure lounge, and have a beer in my hand.  

Scratch that it’s once I’m on a the plane, we’ve taken off, I’ve got a book in my hand, and a drink in front of me.

One cat was taken to a cat sitter last night, and the other is going to my mum’s tonight.  Then I have to finish the last wee bit of packing, check the paperwork (again.  Hey, I’m slightly OCD, so sue me) and get the hand luggage sorted.

Tomorrow, you can pretty much guarantee that despite getting ready tonight, I’ll be like a bag of cats tomorrow morning.

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Guy in work dropped off some movies on dvd that I’d given him a loan of a while back and forgotten about.  Now there’s more stuff to clear out!!!  (Although I will be keeping the Led Zepplin one)

That aside, I’m just looking forward to a trip to Malaysia.  I’ve never been before, so I can’t wait.  Couple of nights in KL, then onto Penang for just over a week.  On the way out and the way back, we’re stopping in Dubai for a couple of days.  I’ve changed flights there, but never set foot outside the airport, so that’s something else that’s new to look forward to.

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Macro shot

Flowers on the shore of Loch Venacher

Flowers on the shore of Loch Venachar

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Cycling t-shirt

Saw this and couldn’t resist.


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Morning commute

Really nice morning today.  The bike ride to work was really nice, especially along the Clyde side.
I stopped and took a photo of the bike with the squinty bridge in the background.  It was too nice a day not to take a photo.

Bike posing by the river

Bike posing by the river

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Running update

This morning I went for my 5.5k route through the park next to my house.
It wasn’t great today, my legs felt like lead.

I know I’ve only been back running for three weeks, and it’s after a gap of 5 or 6 years, but it’s hard not to let the head games get the better of you.  In my mind I’ve not really had that long lay-off, and I should be able to go for a “wee 10 miler*” as I used to refer to them, or push it a wee bit if I’ve got time, and do 15 miles.

I know the problem isn’t physical, the stamina will come, my muscles will get used to running again (at the moment they seem to be confused that I’m using them in a different way to cycling, and they aren’t keen on it), the breathing is ok too, it’s just head games.  My brain is trying to psyche me out.

I need to get back to running with other people, to distract me from this.  When I run on my own I have too much time to let my mind wander and scream “What are you doing?  Give up.”  I’m not giving up.  No way.

So, I need to persevere, vary the routes, do some hill reps and/or shorter faster sessions.  I also need a running buddy to stop me slacking.  That’s what I loved about running with the club, but until I’m up to the minimum pace, that’s not a realistic option.

So, any tips to avoid you’re mind psyching you out on a solo run would be greatly appreciated 😀

(*my wife thought I’d crossed a line, when 10 miles was referred to as a “wee” run).

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