Red sky at morning

Was at the second class of the introduction to Ashtanga course that I signed up for. So that’s Sun Salutations A and B covered, and breathing, and moving with the breath.
As with last week, I can really feel it in my upper arms this morning. Not sore, just tired in a “I know I did some exercise last night” kind of way.
By the end of the six weeks we’ll have covered enough to do a Half Primary Series class, and we’ve been told that going to a Mysore class would be good, and that it’s not intimidating like we’d think it is (not having been to one before).
I have to admit, at the moment I’d not be confident walking into a room where I *think* everyone but me knows exactly what they’re doing, and I’m the idiot in the room. Again, I know that’s my projection and it’s probably far from the reality, but at the moment, I don’t think going to a class that isn’t lead, would be anywhere near to inside my comfort zone. Which in itself is probably a good reason to give it a try.

Anyway, here’s a photo of the sky over Glasgow this morning when I left for work. It’s was stunning.


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Thought I’d share this photo of a statue of Ganesha that I came across on my holiday to Bali.

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Waterfall in Linn Park, East Renfrewshire.  Just outside of Glasgow.dsc_0048

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Something to look forward to

Last year for my 50th, the plan was to do a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.  Problem was I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to spend the most time in, so Cambodia was put aside for a later date, and we went to Vietnam – Ho Chi Mihn City and Hoi An – via Hong Kong (where we did caught the ferry to Macau for a day), and a couple of nights in Dubai on the way back.
This year, the plan was to finally get to Cambodia, and add in Laos as well.  Things didn’t quite work out.  To go where we wanted to go, we would have had to fly via Ho Chi Minh, adding on extra flight costs that were going to take us a fair bit over budget.  Instead, we’re now going to Bali – somewhere I’ve really wanted to go – with a 3 night stop in Bangkok on the way out (my wife hasn’t been there in over 20 years, and I’ve never been), and 3 nights in Dubai on the way back, to break up the journey.

I’m really looking forward to this trip.  I think Bangkok will be amazing for street photography opportunities, and of course there’s the food.  There’s the chance to take surf lessons in Bali (bucket list tick), and Dubai is possibly one of my favourite cities, so it’s all good.

In the meantime, here’s a photo from Hoi An in Vietnam, from my trip last year.


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Quick update.

Still to sort out the Cape Verde photographs (I know, I know).  In the meantime here’s a photo I took on the way in to work this morning of the carousel in George Square in Glasgow.



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Malaysian Street Art


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Couple of pics I’ve taken in Pollok Estate since starting on the photography course.  I think they’re better that what I’d usually get (quality wise at least),

2015-09-10 14.40.20

2015-09-10 16.22.54

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Photography course

So I’ve started on a basic photography course at the local collage.  It’s running for 8 weeks on a Tuesday night.  I think I need to do this as without it, I’ll probably never take the camera off the automatic setting, and that would (a) be a shame, and (b) a waste of money, as I could have opted for a cheaper point and shoot rather than the bridge camera I went for.

I used to use (and still own) a 35mm SLR, and my wife was wanting to get me a digital one for my birthday a couple of years ago.  On the advice of a friend who’s a photographer, I went for the bridge.  His reasoning was that it’s a fair bit cheaper, and while I can’t change the lenses, it has the features of an SLR, so I can find out if I want to use them or stick to auto.  If I use them, then I can upgrade to an SLR, and worst case is that the bridge is a really good camera to take on holiday and keep handy for snaps, when I’m not planning to take pics, and having to carry about a larger SLR.
If I DON’T use the manual features, then it means money hasn’t been wasted on something that won’t be used, so it’s a win-win.

Since the auto feature is banned in the class, and we’ll be using manual all the time, I’ve already started looking as SLR’s in the camera shops and drooling a little, so I think I know how this is all going to pan out.

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One of the photos I took of the Nymph fountain. This isn’t the one I framed, but it’s one of three that was a possibility. This is probably my 2nd favourite of all the photos I took of it.

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