50 and counting

So last week I hit a landmark.  The 29th anniversary of my 21st birthday !  I think I was waiting for the sky to fall in, my back to give out, my joints to seize up, and my hair to fall out, when in reality, I just got another day older.

My birthday coincided with winning a new skateboard.  I haven’t been on a board in years, but earlier this year I bought a longboard, and now I’ve got another new board thanks to the facebook group SCUK (Skateboard Collecting UK).  I might have to get older, but I don’t have to grow up.

Still going yoga on my own at least 3 times a week.  I try to do it every weekday and give myself the weekend off, but I listen to my body, and if it doesn’t feel right that morning, then I give it a miss and don’t beat myself up about it.  Sometimes I miss out because one of the cats wants to play and I end up getting a later train to work and don’t have time for a yoga session.

I just finished reading the Russell Brand book Revolution.  I know he’s a bit marmite, and you either love or hate him – I like him – but regardless, the message is important, and it’s too important a message to get tied up in knots about whether you like the messenger or not.  Political change for the benefit of all, and he’s looking at it from a spiritual pov.  It’s definitely worth checking out.  Unfortunately I don’t think either of us will live long enough to see anything close to the kind of change he advocates.

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Radical Independence Conference

On Saturday we went along to the Radical Independence Conference at the Armadillo (at the SECC) and Science Centre.
It was a really great day, with a fantastic mix of workshops.  Only problem being making up your mind what to go to. Fortunately, it was filmed for Livestream, so I can catch up on workshops that clashed with the ones I attended.

The great thing about this event was that it has proved that the independence movement hasn’t just gone away as no doubt, Westminster would like.  The sell out 3000 that were there, and the sell out 12000 that were next door in the Hydro for Nicola Sturgeon, prove that if anything, more people are now politically active than ever before.

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