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A trip

Off on a week’s veg out to Cape Verde, so the photo updates from the Canadian friend’s visit will be delayed.  I’ve been run off my feet and just haven’t had the time to sort through them yet.  I will.  Soon.  Watch this space.

In other news, I’m off to see Cat Stevens/Yousuf Islam tonight.  My wife is a big fan, so she’s really looking forward to this.

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We’ve had a friend over from Canada, and have been doing the touristy thing.  It’s kind of weird but fun seeing places you’ve become accustomed to, through the eyes of someone who’s experiencing them for the first time.

The result is we’ve got a load of photos, so once she leaves, I’ll take time to sort through them and get some uploaded.  This afternoon we’re off to do the tour of Central Station, before hitting a couple of micro breweries.

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