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Pushing myself

I’ve found more classes at the gym that I can go to. So far this week the scores are.

Monday – Pilates
Tuesday – yoga (lunchtime) and yoga (evening)

Today will be lunchtime yoga.

Thursday will be evening yoga

And finally Friday will be lunchtime pilates.

Saturday I might not be able to leave the house 😀

I still don’t actually “enjoy” pilates, but I feel great afterwards, so I’ll stick with it.
We’re off for a weeks holiday on the 8th, so I’ll be taking a mat with me and at least doing some yoga while I’m away.

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Well that was…. odd.

Last night’s yoga class was a toughie. It was good though, and I really felt that I was pushing myself.
Did a headstand for the first time. Wasn’t really committing to it, but Susan – the teacher – came over, stood behind me and said “I’ve got you, you’ve got this. Just extend your legs now.” I did, and it was awesome. I’m 52 and that’s my first ever headstand !

The odd bit came about half an hour later as I was waiting for the train home. I suddenly got all emotional and don’t know why. I got a wave of, I don’t know, euphoria I guess, sweeping over me, and then felt like welling up.

That’s never happened before.

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Not going as planned

For the past 3 weeks, there’s been no lunchtime yoga class, as they’ve been looking for a replacement teacher, so, I’ve been going to a pilates class so I’m doing something.
Personally I’ve felt that pilates leaves me feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. While it’s good in it’s own way, I much prefer yoga.
Today was meant to be the return of the yoga class, with a new teacher. About 10 of us were all sitting expectantly on our mats, when someone from the front desk came in to say the teacher hadn’t turned up, and her phone was switched off, so they couldn’t get a hold of her, and were going to have to cancel the class. The offer of pilates was there, but as I’m still recovering from a class yesterday, there was no way I was doing another today.

There’s a yoga class at 5.00pm tonight, so I’ve booked into that instead. Means I won’t be home till 7,00pm tonight, but at least I’ll have got my yoga fix.

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As Sheryl Crow sang, “If it makes you happy…”

More and more I’m going with “do what makes you happy”. I’ve just turned 52, and still (occasionally) skateboard, although more cruising on a longboard than regular skateboard – but I do have both.
I’ve currently got blue dip-dyed hair, and it’s recently been shades of green or purple, prior to settling on blue. I like it, and I don’t actually care if others don’t (although, I’ve only had positive feedback so it’s a bit of a moot point).

So get out there. Ride that (metaphoric) skateboard even if people think you’re too old. If it makes YOU happy, then you go for it.


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