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Karate last night was good.  There’s a few new members, a couple of adults and a couple of kids.
The adults are no problem, except one has been asking when he’s going to get his first belt, despite only having been coming for a few weeks.  He wasn’t happy with the reply that it’s not all about being able to do “x” moves or a kata, but there’s other factors, respect, discpline AND ablity.  He’s got a habit of dropping out of kata if he gets a move wrong, and not wanting to join in again as he says he feels stupid, BUT he still wants graded!
The kids on the other hand, have been brought to karate my their mum after they got kicked out of a Tae Kwon Do class for not paying attention, talking, and carrying on.  They’re going to be hard work.  One is about 8 and the other 12.  They have absolutely no discipline, or respect for others, and don’t listen.  I’m guessing they won’t last long, as they seem to think it’s just a game.

I was supposed to be going to the gym today, but my gym buddy has a meeting and can’t make it, so I’m having a “rest day” 🙂

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Weekend stuff

The brewery tour on Friday night was good fun.  Ryszard managed to turn up with literally 2 minutes to go before the tour started.
They have opened a new, much larger brewery on the same site, which will increase production significantly.  Really interesting tour, and the history of how the brewery started is pretty good.

After the tour there was the tasting.  Damn…….ah well, someone has to do it 🙂  Four beers were up for tasting, and they were all good, even the dark beer, which surprised me, as I’m not a fan of dark beers, preferring lighter session beers.

Tour over, and it would have been rude not to have a couple of pints before heading home.

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Feel like I’ve been on the “business end” of a baseball bat!!!  My abs are KILLING ME!
A core session a couple of days ago left me feeling….. achey in the abs.  That’s all good. No pain no gain and all that.  Anyway, last night’s yoga class involved a few postures that worked the core, and yup, today my abs are screaming bloody murder.

To cheer myself up, I’m off on a brewery tour of the West Brewery, in Glasgow, tonight.  I won this a while back and never got round to booking it.  It’s about to expire, so I managed to get booked for the tour tonight.
Now, beer isn’t compatible with a low carb/high protein diet (which I’m currently on, and actually getting thinner on. Go me!), so I’m having a diet free day today.  So I can actually have some bread today.  This will be good.

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This is a good thing.

Karate last night was good.  Pat has got me doing a bit more teaching, and it’s helping me to think about what I’m doing, and why, and not blindly follow without understanding or questioning.
This is a good thing.
When it came to me and Pat practicing together, I managed to land a punch, and to catch him out a couple of times, so I’m managing to deal with his attacks, and hide my own intentions.
This is a good thing.

I’m just back from a lunchtime core session.  My abs are feeling a bit sorry for themselves, and again.  This is a good thing.  So much so that it will be repeated on Friday.

All I have to do is to remember to book my place for the yoga class on Thursday, and the week will have been a good one.

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Had a reasonably relaxing weekend.
Went for a curry on Saturday to a place we’d not eaten in before. Saffron in Barrhead.  We’d got one of these Groupon deals, but I’d be more than happy to go back there and pay the full price.  The food was excellent.
The deal was for a buffet for two, and a sizzle platter to share.  Really nice it was too.

Afterwards, we headed to Paisley for a wander and a quick drink.  I was happy to see the pub had Old Rosie in the fridge, but unfortunately, it was obvious that the box was almost done, as the bag containing the cider was hanging out, and it looked like the box was prolapsing.  Now, it’s a rough, cloudy cider, but I’d hazard a guess that the amount of cloud in what was visible, would have led to explosive skitters in my near future, had I drunk it.  I thought better off it and had a pint of draught instead.

Sunday we went in-line skating in the morning, and followed it up with chilling out and watching episodes of Vikings, Outlander (last few episodes) and Lucifer.  Later we watched The Devil’s Double, based on Saddam Husain’s son and the man who was forced into being his double.  (Great film btw).

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Yesterday morning I forgot to book a place at the yoga class, and by the time I’d realised, all the places had gone.

Double fail, as I’d put off meeting someone to get a copy of his band’s cd, as I had the class. (it’s all ok, though as I’m meeting him this afternoon).  Not only do The Swamp Born Assassins have an awesome name, and album cover, but they’re damn good too.
(Check them out here ).  It’s great to discover really good local bands.


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Sods Law

In Glasgow, at the entrance to Central Station, there’s Gordon Street Coffee, which, does great coffee.
Over the last few months, I’ve noticed some mornings, they’ve set up a wee tuk-tuk type van just off Buchanan St, and have a mobile coffee shop set up in it.  It looks really cool, and I want to get a photo of it, BUT……every time I’ve got the camera, it’s not there.  There’s a beer delivery to the pub it sets up outside, or I’m too early or <insert lame excuse here>, and if I don’t have the camera?  Yup, there it is teasing me.

I’m going to bite the bullet and try and make sure I’ve got the camera every day next week.  I WILL get a photo of this awesome little coffee truck, and I WILL post it here.

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Only me

Yoga class tonight before I head home.  While I’m looking forward to it, I’ve always wondered why yoga doesn’t seem to appeal to many men.
In the class I go to I’m the only regular male.  Occasionally another guy will turn up, try the class, maybe come for a couple of weeks, and then disappear, never to return.
Someone I used to work beside, started going to a yoga class a few months back, and although he was really keen to start, he actually went online to ask if it would be “weird” if I guy took up yoga.  I just don’t understand why (in the main) guys don’t do yoga.

When I first when to the class, it was with the aim of getting more flexible for karate, but now I do it for it’s own sake, and enjoy it.  The yoga, plus some meditation, help me when I feel stressed.  I’m really bad for bottling things up, and this counteracts that stress really well.

So, does anyone have similar experiences, is the lack of men doing yoga typical ?

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Yoga, karate, meditiation

Last night I was at karate for the first time since new Year.  It was good to be back.  Pat, who runs the club, had me take some white, and red belts for kata.  This was good, as it got me back into training, and I got some more experience of teaching, which I’ll have to do more of if I get my black belt this year.

Today I’m going to do the gym at lunchtime to work on my core.  Combined with the diet I’m currently on, I’ve lost 2 1/2 inches from round my stomach in 3 weeks.  When I get home tonight I’ll do some yoga as well.

I’ve picked up a book on Kundalini awakening.  I have been doing mindfulness meditation, but had heard Kundalini was a good practice, so I’m going to have a read and see how it goes.


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Really sore. But in a good way.

After yesterday’s little rant, it’s back to the usual programming.

On Monday I did an early morning gym session with a work colleague, concentrating on upper body – which I’m guilty of neglecting – using kettle bells.  The workout went like this :-

10 kettlebell lifts
1 pushup
10 kettlebell lifts
2 pushups
10 kettlebell lifts
3 pushups

Repeat the lifts and pushups, increasing the number of pushups by one until you do 10 of each.  If that hasn’t completely burned you out, or your a glutton for punishment, keep going, but reduce the number of pushups each time till you get back to one.
It’s a tough one, but I did really feel like I’d done some good.

This morning we concentrated on core strength, which again was tough, but really good.  Tonight after work, I’m going straight to my yoga class (Vinyasa flow).  (Think I’ll deserve that G&T when I finally get to the pub quiz tonight.)

I’m actually feeling really motivated at the moment, as I’m also on the Atkins diet, and I’ve lost 2 1/2″ off my belly, which is great.

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