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Operation (latest)

So yesterday I had my post-op follow-up with the consultant.
The results of the tests on the lump that they removed confirmed it WAS a rodent ulcer (Basal Cell Carcinoma) and that they managed to completely excise it.
So, in the words of the consultant, “We would say that you are now cured”.

While he said that I might never see another one, as they don’t spread, that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t get another, so just to take care in the sun, plenty of high factor lotion, and at least now, I know what to look for, and can get checked out sooner if anything odd appears.
He also said that the damage that caused it might not have been recent, it could have been due to sun damage when I was a lot younger, and it’s just taken years to manifest.

The scar has healed nicely, so I’ve got a war wound to spin tall tales about now. (see below)


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