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Mini clear out.

Yesterday I had a mini-clear out and put some things in the bin.  I caught myself being tempted to go out and retrieve them, so, to make sure I couldn’t, I cleaned out the cat’s litter tray on top of them.  Not tempted now.

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Wee update thingy

The recent (relatively)painless dvd purge has got inspired to do the same thing with clothes. Specifically t-shirts, of which I have a ton. I’ve got a lot of band tour shirts (some dating back to the 80’s) which I keep but don’t wear, so really, what’s the point. Wear the damn things or stick them on ebay or the charity shop.
So that’s the next step in my plan. T-shirt cull.

Got yoga tonight straight from work. Think I need this class tonight, as I’ve not been feeling happy lately. I’m not on a downer exactly, but my mojo seems to have buggered off since it started getting dark earlier, and I’m struggling to motivate myself to do things I enjoy. Time for a mental re-boot on the mat.

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The great clearout of 2016

Seriously, the amount of bags we’ve taken to the charity shop or the recycling centre, this clearout will go down in the annals of history.
And it’s not yet over.

We now have a floor in the spare room.  Yes, and actual floor you can walk on, and not have to tiptoe round piles of books/dvd’s.  Karen has her sewing machine set up at one end of the room, and my guitar and amp are at the other.  What books survived the cull are all on the bookshelves, and the cd’s are tidied up.

I’ve even managed to get a lot of prints that we were meaning to frame, framed and up on the walls.  Still got some more that I want to frame and hang, but don’t have appropriate sized frames at the moment.

I’m sure there’s more to get rid of.  I’ve an xbox 360 that I couldn’t actually say when the last time was I switched it on, so that’s looking like a contender for heading out the door.

I was actually dreading starting getting rid of things, because, well, it’s my stuff, and I must have wanted it yadda yadda yadda.  But that’s the thing, it’s just “stuff”.  It’s not being used, it’s clutter.  I don’t need to keep EVERY book I’ve ever bought.  There’s cd I’ll probably never listen to again.  There’s dvd’s I’ll probably never watch again.  In fact, I’ll just pick up a Fire stick, and stream movies.  I’ll not need to buy any more dvd’s.  If I want to watch a movie, I’ll just stream it.  Simple, and it doesn’t take up any space in the house.

I’m actually feeling mentally happier now there’s less clutter about, but I can totally understand how people can become hoarders.  It’s not that much of a leap between “collector” and “hoarder”.

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Just having been on holiday has brought home to me just how little of all the stuff my life is cluttered with, I actually need.
Two books I read and loved while on holiday – In the Miso Soup, and Piercing, both by Ryu Murikami – I left lying in the hotel for someone else to discover, and hopefully love too. (if you love something, set it free 🙂  )
Now that I’m back, I need to up the ante and get serious again with the clutter.

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Downsizing harder that it should be

Even though I’m desperately trying to clear out stuff that’s accumulated over the years, it just seems like for every book/cd/dvd I get rid of, 3 more find there way back into the house.  With Christmas looming on the horizon, it’s going to be bad.  I know my mum will (a) buy me “stuff” and (b) throw in an HMV voucher as well, just in case the stuff isn’t enough, ‘cos you can never have too much stuff now can you?

I’d prefer it if she just thought about what I actually like, and gave me a small thing that was suitable, rather than a pile of things that I’ll never use, and have to hang on to for an appropriate amount of time before taking them to the charity shop.

If that all sounds a bit whiney, it’s because it is.  BUT, it’s not all been bad news on the clearout front.  I finally got round to dismantling the Ikea computer desk, and getting rid on that.  I’ve not had a desktop for years now, and it’s been sitting there taking up space, and slowly vanishing under a pile of….. (wait for it)…..stuff.  Well, no more.  That stuff is gone and so is the computer desk.  I’m thinking of recycling the printer as well, since I hardly ever need to print, and can always do it in work if.  The only things I’ve printed out in the last year have been KGB/Wowcher vouchers for meals.  The ink dries up before it can get a chance to run out, and lets face it, replacing the printer is only slightly more expensive than replacing the ink, so it’s not like it will cost a fortune to replace if the need arises.  I’m still swithering on that to be honest, but it’s an option.

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Thinking backwards looking forwards

I seem to have been stuck in a rut over the last couple of months.  Since I got my brown belt at karate, I seem to have lost all motivation to keep going.  I could see that happening if I was a “badge collector” and had just got my black belt –  “Black belt in a martial art?” *tick the box* “OK, what’s next” – but it’s not like that.  

It almost feels claustrophobic. Every time I turn on the computer, there it is.  It’s not the people, for the most part I like them.  There’s a couple of them that I really get on with and socialise with outside of the club.  I’ve been going three times a week though, and I think I’ve hit a wall.  I need me time and I don’t feel I’m getting it.

This weekend, instead of going to karate on Saturday, if the weather is ok, I’m going up Ben Lomond.  I’ve never done a munro before, so this will be something for me. That I want to do.  This isn’t for anyone else other than me.

I’m also getting frustrated by all the “stuff” I’ve accumulated over the years – books, movies, etc.   I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder and found it hard to let go, to the point that I used to have a bag full of old tour shirts from gigs that I’d been at.  The majority were size M.  It’s many years since I’ve been a M.  I’m an L or XL now.  But for whatever reason, it hurt to get rind of them.  It was a bag full of memories.  Now, the memories aren’t going to go away just because a t-shirt goes to the charity shop, so why was it so hard to clear them out?  Why is it so hard to clear out now?

But I’ve made up my mind.  There’s a huge pile ready to go to the car boot sale or the charity shop or something.  The psychic baggage will hopefully clear out with all the clutter. 

That’s the backwards part.  Now what about the looking forward?

Well, I don’t carry my credit card with me any more unless I know I’m going to use it.  That way I have to think twice about impulse purchases.

I want to travel more, but in Scotland.  I love travelling abroad, but I’ve hardly seen anything of Scotland.  Furthest north I’ve been is Fort William.  I want to do some island hopping.  I want to see Callanish and Skara Brae.  I want to go to Up Helly Aa.  The main stumbling block is the cost.  Unfortunately it IS cheaper to travel abroad.  BUT, I will do these things.  I have a bucket list, and it doesn’t involve much travel abroad to complete.

So, clearing out, not hoarding, moving out the city, travelling up north.  That’s the objectives in my sights.

And getting a finer appreciation for single malts.  Let’s not forget that one.

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