Kilt and castles

Had a great weekend.
On Saturday, we headed to Kinneal House in Bo’ness.  The house is only open to see, on select dates throughout the year, and this wasn’t one of them, but there are 200 acres of grounds to explore.
It’s on the John Muir way, the footpath that crosses Scotland from east to west.

After that, we headed to Blackness Castle, which is one of my favourite historic sites, and one used in the filming of Outlander.

Just for the hell of it, since I haven’t had any actual reason to wear it this year (no weddings or anything) I wore my kilt.  The tourists seemed to like it.img_20191116_115526img_20191116_124726img_20191116_132442img_20191116_132655img_20191116_134039

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Edinburgh pics

Just a few pics from last week’s day in Edinburgh.


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Today’s the day

That I find out if I can get my kilt altered enough to fit me again.

I’m heading to the kiltmakers to see if they can alter the buckles so that it fits again!
With losing 2 stone (that frankly needed losing), my kilt is now too big. I know they can alter it up to a point, so hopefully it’s going to be do-able, otherwise, I’ll have to invest in another.

This is the downside to being healthier (JOKE!!)


(UPDATE:- looks like it’s good to go. Will still be about 1/4″ too big round the waist, but the belt will take care of that, and at least it won’t end up round my ankles!)

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Unexpected side effect

So, since the New Year, the good news is that my gut is well and truly getting kicked into touch.  I’m looking more the shape I should look, and my stomach no longer resembles what someone referred to it as, “a knot in a bit of string”.
This is good.  I feel better, I’ve more energy, and I’m generally happier.
There is however an unexpected downside.

Downside (a) – who knew you could lose weight from your fingers?  It never crossed my mind that would happen.  I now need to get my wedding ring re-sized, as I’m currently using sticking plaster to “fatten” my finger and stop it falling off.

Downside (b) – the increased intake of salad, has resulted in fartage.  I know it’s jsut my body re-adjusing to the change in diet, and it’ll calm down.  I’ve also noticed some veg causes it more than others.  You don’t get this problem with meat/bread/cakes/chocolate…

Downside (c) – my made to measure kilt was made to measure when I measured a fair bit lardier than I currently am.  Even tightening it as much as I can, I have to stick what’s left of my gut out, and over-tighten the belt so it doesn’t end up round my ankles and scare the horses!  This could mean investing in another at some point.  (If I’m doing this I’ll go for a different tartan, as two identical kilts is a bit daft.


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Annnnnd we’re back to normal

So that’s Christmas and New Year out the way for another year (or as far as the shops are concerned, until September, when it’s deemed socially acceptable to start selling us Crimbo).

In a way I’m glad, because although I don’t consider myself that religious, I do find it pretty crass that the whole event has been reduced to a marketing ploy for shops to separate us from our money and give us stuff that to be honest we don’t really need or particularly want, in exchange.

The break from work was good, so I can’t complain about that.  Managed to catch Rogue One and Passengers at the cinema, and had a couple of nice meals out.

Even gave the kilt another airing on Christmas day.  It’s good to have an excuse to put it on, as it’s a lot of money to pay for a garment to just have it hanging in a wardrobe all year.


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Photo update

Sorting through some pics from a friend’s recent visit from Canada, and decide to post this one of me at Culzean Castle.


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Random pic from last year

Largs kilt 2

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Wee niggle, so the running has paused

Got a muscular pain on the top of my foot. Not done anything to damage a bone, and it’s not gout, so nothing to worry about.
Just means I’ve got to put the running to the side for a couple of days.

In the meantime, I’ve planned a new 10k route from my house. It’s a loop that finishes back at the house and comes in at 10.15k in total. So that’s happening soon.
I’ve also realised that the route I cycle to work in just over 9.5k, so the plan is to drop a bag of clothes off one weekend, and run in one Monday morning instead of cycling, just to see how it goes. If it’s fun, then it could be a more regular thing.

On Friday night, I’ve got a work meal to go to for students over from America. It’s their last day on Friday, and we’re of to a fancy restaurant in the city, so I’ll get the kilt out for that. Should be a good night.

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Decent weather

The weather has been really good the last couple of weeks. If it stays like this, I’ll probably get the kilt out this weekend.

Largs kilt 2

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Day out to Largs

Day out to Largs

Took a wee trip down the coast to Largs today. Decided to put my kilt on just for the hell of it. It’s an expensive piece of clothing just to have hanging up to drag out once a year for Christmas or New Year.

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