Weekend photos from the garden

Been playing with the camera in the garden at the weekend. Here’s a few wee pics to be getting on with.

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Sods Law

In Glasgow, at the entrance to Central Station, there’s Gordon Street Coffee, which, does great coffee.
Over the last few months, I’ve noticed some mornings, they’ve set up a wee tuk-tuk type van just off Buchanan St, and have a mobile coffee shop set up in it.  It looks really cool, and I want to get a photo of it, BUT……every time I’ve got the camera, it’s not there.  There’s a beer delivery to the pub it sets up outside, or I’m too early or <insert lame excuse here>, and if I don’t have the camera?  Yup, there it is teasing me.

I’m going to bite the bullet and try and make sure I’ve got the camera every day next week.  I WILL get a photo of this awesome little coffee truck, and I WILL post it here.

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Random image

Photo I took the other morning on the way to work.


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Motivated again

No cycling to work today, because (a) the weather is really crap, and (b) I go straight to karate from work, and there’s no-where to secure the bike, and I can’t take it into the hall, so this morning I took the train.
Once in, I went straight to the gym, and once again had the yoga area to myself, and did about 40 minutes of yoga.  Feel really good afterwords, so it’s a great start to the day, and a really great start to the week.

The weekend weather was appalling, but we managed to get out and headed to Craignethan Castle, which despite the rain we managed to really enjoy.  It’s about 20 miles from where we live, but if it wasn’t for the sat-nav, it would have been a pain to try and find.
I’ll get some photos up soon, once I’ve weeded out the dross.  The advantage/disadvantage of having a large memory card in the camera is that you shoot a hell of a lot of photos, knowing that some will be dross, but what the hell.  Just means that there’s more time spent sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

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Playing with the camera


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Kelso Abbey


Spent the weekend in the Borders, and finally got to play with the new camera.  This is the ruins of Kelso Abbey.

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The camera bundle I was after was in stock.  So I’ve got a new shiny – Nikon D3300 with 18 – 55mm lens + Tamron 70 – 300mm lens.

So no prizes for guessing what I’m going to be playing with this coming weekend.

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Last class photoshoot

So for the last photoshoot we headed to the Kibble Palace (Glasgow botanics).  The limitations of the bridge camera are starting to get more noticable, I’m just waiting for the DSLR I want to come back into stock (the camera is in, but the bundle I want is still out of stock)


2016-01-09 10.52.05

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River Clyde at night

Another from the photography class.  The Squinty bridge (offically the Millenium Arc, but no-one in Glasgow calls it that) at night.

2015-11-24 19.19.50.jpg

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