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Running re-boot

Yesterday I bought a new pair of running shoes to get myself motivated and back out pounding the streets.  First time I’ve bought non-Asics running shoes, I picked up a pair of New Balance 680’s, and gave them a wee try out this morning.

This being the first time I’ve run this year, it wasn’t going to be anything like a long run.  My breathing was going to be an issue, so I went for alk2/run3/walk 2…. for 20 minutes.
The result is that the shoes are great to run in, but my fitness has dropped dramatically.  So I’ve a fair bit of work to put in.  Going to follow a couch to 5k type of training schedule to get me back on track, then switch to 10k, and once that’s sorted, I’ll introduce hill ressions and interval sessions.

The other thing is the trip to Vietnam isn’t that far off.  I’ve managed to get a couple of trips I want to do sorted out, and I’m waiting on word back from a third.
The trips are – the tunnels the Vietcong used during the war, a cooking class where you cycle to the local market to get the ingredients before cooking, and a free bike tour of Ho Chi Min city run by students.  That’s the one I still have to get feedback for.


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