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Bike fixed and email deluge

The shop got the problem with the bike sorted, so that’s great.  The tension on the rear derailleur needed adjusting.
I really need to do a wee course on bike maintenance, as I feel that things like this, I should be able to do myself.

In other news, there’s a been a deluge of emails in work over something really simple.  It really was a case of too many people getting involved, and every time I opened my email there was another going on about the same thing.  In the end I went down stairs and spoke to the person I was needing a signature from, and she agreed with me that it was a storm in a tea cup.
People need to actually READ their emails before responding, and cc-ing other people in just adds to the noise and makes getting a solution to something really simple, that much harder.  A fine example of ADMINISTRATIUM – the densest element known to mankind.  Once administratium gets added to a situation, it can take forever to solve.

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The gears on the bike are playing up.

Pretty much can’t use the third largest cog on the back, as when it’s under load, it slips into the next smallest, then jumps back up, the slips/jumps/slips… get the picture.
Further down the cogs, there’s a little rattle as if it’s not aligned right and is about to change, but it doesn’t.  Then, down at the 6th smallest, changing down jumps you to 8, and you have to change back up to get into 7.

All of the above only happens when the pedals are under load.  Stick the bike on a stand, turn the pedals and it happily changes up and down without any problems.

So, at the moment, I’m basically only using one gear, and fortunately it’s the one that I find suits my riding the best.  But if I’d wanted a single speed, I’ve have bought one.

Bike is getting dropped off for a service tomorrow.  Fortunately the shop I bought it from give free servicing for a year after purchase, and it’s only 4 months old.

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Day off yesterday

We had been planning to go to Edinburgh for the day for the the Fringe, but it was changed to the 15th, and I thought, “What the hell, I’ve got the day off, I’m not cancelling it now”.  So, I got up at the usual time, did a bit of tidying up, and then jumped on the bike.
I took a wee ride through Pollok Estate to Shawlands, and had a fry up for breakfast (lorne sausage, tattie scone, egg, bacon, tomato and beans) and a couple of coffees before heading back.

Later when Karen got in at lunchtime, we headed to Paisley for a couple of hours.  Stopped off in the Last Post for a drink and some chicken wings, then headed home again.

So, not a wasted day after all.

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Great little film.

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