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Back on the bike? Fingers crossed..

So with the ice and the wind and the incessant rain, I’ve not been on the bike since just after Christmas.  So, after seeing the weather for the rest of the week (light intermittent showers.) I’m getting back on the bike tomorrow.
This leaves me one day a week when I’ll still be getting the train, a Monday, as I’ve got a karate class to go to straight from work, but other than that, it’s all go for the bike again.

On Friday I’ve got a day off, and I’m planning on going swimming in the morning.  The only time I get to swim is when we go on holiday.  When we first got married, we lived near Govanhill baths, a beautiful old Victorian pool, which the council in it’s infinite wisdom, shit down.  This resulted in protests, sit-ins and campaigns – click on the link – and no swimming pool.  Now, I’m near (but not as near) Bellahouston sports centre, and you can take out a “swim only” membership, which I’d only have to use once a week to break even on, which sounds ideal.  So, with that in mind I’m going for a swim on Friday morning, to check out the pool, and see if it’s worth my getting a membership.

A couple of months on the bike, and the train fare I’ve saved would pay for the swimming, so it’s a real possibility.

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Kelso Abbey


Spent the weekend in the Borders, and finally got to play with the new camera.  This is the ruins of Kelso Abbey.

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“The only constant is change”

So said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus.  Which will be why I am constantly trying to change things, like the amount of “stuff” there is cluttering up my house and my life, and ultimately my phsychic/mental wellbeing.
It’s just too cluttered, so I – slowly – try and clear things out, and the more I clear out, the less mental baggage I find I have.  Letting go is the hardest thing to do, but once you do it, it’s liberating.

Now I feel that I need to go a step further.  I try and meditate, but find it hard to find even 10 minutes of “me” time, when I can be alone and in a quiet space, to do this.  There always seems to be someone around, or some other distraction.  So, I meditate when I can.  I’ve been thinking, and realised that while I may not have enjoyed the actual practice at the time, when I used to do yoga, I really did get a benefit out of it.  I maybe should think about finding a class and going back.
I initially started, as I wanted to get more flexible to help with karate, and only stopped as the woman who ran the class quite when she got pregnant, and no-one else took over the running of it.  (It was an early morning class in the gym in my work, and it was Iyengar yoga.)

Now I think I’m in a place mentally where I would not only benefit (both physically and mentally) from taking it up again, but I would also appreciate it for what it is, and the spiritual side of things.  Maybe it’s because I’m a few years older now, and my attitude towards things like this has changed (see, change IS a constant)

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