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Earlier this week, Karen asked me to look through my t-shirts to see if a black jumper she couldn’t find, had got mixed in with my stuff after being washed.
Didn’t find her jumper, but did manage to have a micro clear out, and there are now about half a dozen t-shirts in the charity bag, along with the boardgame Lords of Xidit, which everyone in my gaming group apart from me, thought looked too complicated.
(we play Pandemic FFS!  How complicated can Xidit be?)

At yoga recently, we’ve been working on prep for headstands, and trying to actually do them.  Last night I finally pulled off one unaided.
To me that’s as big an accomplishment as when I finally managed Urdhva Dhanurasana
(full wheel pose).  It’s slow progress, but the fact I can do things at 53 that I couldn’t when I was younger amazes me.  I love yoga 🙂

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Mini clear out.

Yesterday I had a mini-clear out and put some things in the bin.  I caught myself being tempted to go out and retrieve them, so, to make sure I couldn’t, I cleaned out the cat’s litter tray on top of them.  Not tempted now.

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That was pretty painless

So yesterday we bit the bullet and had a pretty massive dvd purge. Some will be going to the 2nd hand shop, any they don’t want will be going to charity, and some others will be going to a friend as she needs cheering up, and a bag full of comedy dvd’s will be a help.

At first I resented even having to choose which ones were going, as this is a collection that took years to make up, and there was a reason behind every purchase, but the weird thing is that once they were in the bags, I felt like a weight had been lifted. I actually felt better.
Thing I have to remember is that I want to go travelling in a few years, and you can’t fit a massive movie collection in a camper van, so it needs to be done.

Basically, I’m realising that attachment to “things” isn’t healthy, and brings psychic baggage. Ultimately, if I find I ever need or want to watch one of these movies again, they’ll be on Netfliz of Amazon or whatever streaming service I’m using, and I WILL be able to watch them.

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The great clear-out continues. (and some yoga)

I need to up the stakes as far as the “Great Ongoing Clearout” is concerned. Last week we headed to my mum’s house and managed to take a load of books I had stored in her loft, to the PDSA charity shop. I need to have a thorough rake through stuff I’ve got in cupboards in our house and see what’s mine that can go.

I buy a new t-shirt that I like, fine, but I seriously need to get rid of some old ones otherwise I’ll be found dead one day under a landslide of clothes and books.

I’ve got a kindle ffs! But the problem I have is that when I hit the charity shop to drop stuff off, I inevitably browse the book shelves. That’s fatal to me.

I’m stufficating and I need to be brutal and just clear stuff out. Why am I hanging onto a 10 year old Saxon tour shirt that I never wear? It makes no sense.

Yoga last night was excellent. I really enjoyed it. Susan is a great teacher, and I really enjoy her vinyasa flow class. The previous class that I went to was an Iyengar class, and while I did feel the benefits, the stop-start nature of the class made it a little boring. You got into a nice headspace, and then *POP* stop there, next pose.
I know it’s a good system for correct alignment, and the fact that props are used make it accessible to people who may have limited range of movement, but (touch wood) at the moment, I’m getting far more from the flow class than I ever did from the Iyengar. It’s horses for courses, and what suits the individual. It’s all good.

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So I’ve decided. I need to be brutal about clearing out. I need to squirrel away as much spare cash as I can. I don’t need stuff, I need to travel. I’m ultimately preparing for when I can stop work and start to travel, and I don’t need stuff holding me back.

Much as I love cd’s, I can listen to mp3’s. Yes, I’ll miss not being able to hold onto something tangible, but I won’t miss the clutter.

To get the ball rolling I’ve got some dvd’s and cd’s to take to the 2nd hand record store later.

It’ll be good to not be mentally bogged down by physical items.

The holiday to Bali seems like it was years ago, when in reality it was only 2 weeks ago I got back. I need to find the calm I had when I was there. I’m back to work and back to reality, and I don’t particularly like it. So I need to plan for my get away, and make that a priority.
I can’t wait until I’m too old and infirm to get away, I need to do it in the next few years.

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Keeping up the good work

I’m managing to keep up the cycling to work followed by a half hour of yoga before starting, and I’m feeling all the better for it.
Last night there should have been karate too, but I’ve done something to my foot, and it’s a bit painful to walk on, so karate was out.  Made up for it by watching 3 episodes of the X Files back to back.

I’ve finished reading the Bhagavad Gita, and I’m currently reading Revolution by Russell Brand.  I know he’s a bit marmite, but personally I like him, and I’m enjoying the book.  I’ve got a book on Kundulini meditation that’s next up on the “to read” list.  Slowly getting through the book pile.

I’ve decided that clear-out wise, the Tolkien special edition hardbacks of The Silmarillion/The Hobbit/LoTR should be the ones to go, as they take up way more shelf space than the paperbacks, and lets be honest, I’ll never read them, they were bought as collectables, to look nice on the bookshelf.  I’ve got them all in paperback, and LoTR on the kindle as well.  Also, the paperbacks of LoTR are slipcased, and I’ve had them since I was a kid, so they have sentimental value, a bit like the original three books in Asimov’s Foundation series that I’ve also got in a slipcase.  Had them since I was about 13, and even though I cleared out all my other Asimov books a couple of years back, I couldn’t part with this set.

The t-shirt collection is also due a major purge as well.  It’s just stupidly big at the moment.

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What I’ve been up to of late

Not posted in a bit.  Life’s been getting in the way.

So, I’ve done a load of gardening, and it’s starting to look a bit more civilised.  Just need to keep on top of it.
The yoga class is on hold unless they can get another instructor, as the Iyengar teacher has decided there’s not enough of us attending to keep it going over the summer (it takes place in the gym in my work, and most people are currently on holiday).  This is a bit odd, as she gets paid by the uni, so the numbers in the class won’t affect her money.
In the meantime, I plan to go in and do some yoga on my own in the mornings.  I cycle in 4 days a week, so I’m in early anyway, and can get a session done before I shower and change for work.

I’ve also been trying mantra meditation again, to try and chill out a bit.  I think I’m stressed as when I get up in the mornings, I’ve been feeling like I’m been clenching my jaw at night, so I probably do need to relax and not stress the little things.

I’m still trying to downsize and clear things out that I don’t need, but sometimes it’s hard.  I need to try to be a bit more ruthless and just get rid.  DVD to the 2nd hand shop, books to the 2nd hand book shop and/or the charity shop, and stop buying shit I don’t need.


aaaaannnnnnnd relax.

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Christmas clearout

Over the last few days I’ve managed to clear out a few bags of stuff that’s been taken to the charity shop (PDSA).  I’ve also managed to clear out a load of dvd’s that I’ll probably never want to watch again.  These were taken to the greatest 2nd hand record/dvd shop in Glasgow – Missing (formerly Missing Records, in the days before it sold movies) – where I came out with a credit note for £23 and the cd of Blackout by the Scorpions.  That’s my idea of a result 🙂

It wasn’t all good though.  I woke up one morning to find a filling had fallen out, then went downstairs to phone the dentist, to find a text from a work colleague telling me that Lemmy from Motorhead had died.  I’ve been going to see them live since 1986, and had (still have) a ticket to see them later this month.  They were to be supported by Saxon and Girlschool, and being realistic, with the previous tour having been cut short due to ill health, I thought this would probably be the last tour.

It’s a real shame I never got to see them one last time.  At the moment we’re still waiting to find out if the other bands are still going to go ahead and play, or if the whole thing is cancelled.

And so to the new year, where I still want to reduce the amount of “stuff” that’s cluttering up the house and my life.
I’m also about to get a new DSLR that my better half is paying for as a Christmas present.  So watch this space for some photos once I pick it up.

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Guy in work dropped off some movies on dvd that I’d given him a loan of a while back and forgotten about.  Now there’s more stuff to clear out!!!  (Although I will be keeping the Led Zepplin one)

That aside, I’m just looking forward to a trip to Malaysia.  I’ve never been before, so I can’t wait.  Couple of nights in KL, then onto Penang for just over a week.  On the way out and the way back, we’re stopping in Dubai for a couple of days.  I’ve changed flights there, but never set foot outside the airport, so that’s something else that’s new to look forward to.

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More downsizing required

I still have that second bag of dvd’s to take to the 2nd hand music/dvd shop.  I also have to get more looked out and decide if I really need them.
Ok, I don’t need any of them, I’ll rephrase that.  (a) Do I want them, and (b) realistically will I watch them again, and often enough to justify them taking up space?

Then there’s t-shirts that need clearing out too.  They’ll go to the charity shop.

Books I’ve pretty much got down to an ok level and I’m happy with my kindle, but I could probably get rid of more if I put my mind to it.  Again, charity shop.

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