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Fun weekend

Had a great weekend.  Saturday we took the cats to the vets for their annual checkup.  Both passed.  It’s great to know that Rosie is healthy as she’s getting on now (17).
Back home to drop them off, and then we headed to Troon for a few hours as the weather was stunning.  You’d have thought it was a bank holiday weekend.  The place was mobbed. There was an indoor car boot sale in the concert hall, so we nipped in.  One stall was selling 10 dvds for £1.00!  Guy gave me 11, so that’s a double result.  Most are one’s I’ll watch then put in a charity bag, but I did snag Marathon Man, Hello Dolly, Spaceballs, Kingdom of Heaven and Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera among others.

Sunday we headed to the Om Yoga show at the SECC.  Pretty good exhibition.  We didn’t join in any of the classes that were running, but visited all the dealers stands and chatted to a few dealers.  Came away with a supply of raw chocolate, some herbal teas, coconut oil, and a tie-dyed Om t-shirt, so decent wee haul for not much money.

After the show we headed to Linn Park to have a wander in the sun, before grabbing a snack at the Old Smiddy pub, before heading home.

Yesterday, I managed to pick up a new jute yoga mat, so all in all a decent weekend.


Snuffmill Bridge at the Linn Park

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Plans for the day

Today is going to be a busy one.  Before work I did a short yoga session, before swapping my usual two cups of coffee for a green tea.  The difference compared to how I usually am at this time of the day is that I feel alive, awake and alert.  Not sure if it’s the yoga, tea instead of coffee, or both that are working their magic, but it feels good.

At lunchtime, I’ve got a core strengthening session with a colleague in the gym in work (we’re lucky that working in a university, we have access to a gym on site).

Work-wise I’ve got a fair bit on today, so overall the day should pass pretty quickly.

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Roller skating

Yesterday I went inline skating in the gym, after a break of a couple of weeks.  Lately there’s been a small group of roller derby skaters who join in. (they train there before we get the hall).  Yesterday, their numbers had swelled and they were making up about half of the skaters.
Now I’ve nothing against roller derby, BUT the guy who set up the skating session is trying to get older people to take up skating for fitness and fun.  The derby players use the session as an excuse to keep their practice going, and don’t reign themselves in.  It’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.
Some of us are thinking of just hiring a hall for an hour on our own.  It’s a shame that we have to do this.  The guy running the session just needs to remind them that it’s a general skating session and NOT a roller derby practice session, and they need to skate accordingly (practising blocking each other when others are tying to pass is just selfish).
I know why he’s reluctant to do this though, as this is how he makes his money, so more skaters = more money, BUT he’s risking alienating the very people he initially tried to attract.  The retired people who always used to skate there have all given up as they’re not enjoying being cut up by the roller derby players.

It’s a real shame.  If they would just reign it in a bit and skate instead of blocking each other, and racing round playing tag, then there wouldn’t be an issue.

And that is my grumpy rant for the week (hopefully).

In other news, I’m managing to do #yogaeverydamnday which is good.

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Back to it.

So I’m getting the bit between my teeth again after having a pretty lazy week. Kicking off tonight with yoga straight after work.
At the weekend I’ll go inline skating on Sunday.
Three gym sessions planned for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with my regular gym buddy and casual sadist, Audrey (she comes up with workouts that don’t let me slack).
Also on Monday I’ve got karate, and Thursday as usual will be yoga.

I came across a recipe for a vegan cheesecake, which I might be able to actually have while I’m on this diet (the honey might be a bit of a no-no but I can offset if I have to).  It’s on the Cooking Without Limits blog and the recipe can be found here.  I’ve never tried a vegan cheesecake, so I’m open to giving it a go.

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Been slacking lately gym-wise.  I’ve not been in the last week.  No excuse other than my torturer/gym buddy hasn’t been able to go due to meetings.
I’ve still been going to karate, skating and yoga though, so it’s not like I’ve reverted to total slothdom.

That’s now two months since I started cutting out the carbs, and restricting myself to about 30g a day – there’s been the odd blip eg when we went to Gartmore House for the night – and in that time, I’ve lost 62 off my belly, so that’s a result.
I really don’t miss sweet things, which has really surprised me.  Nan bread with my curry though, and the pita bread a kebab comes in…..those I do miss.  Ah well, it’ll all be worth it in the long run.

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Spooky car in the woods

The weekend didn’t quite go as planned (we never went inline skating on Sunday), but it was still a good one.

Saturday we had games night, and played Pandemic for the first time.  Superb game, need to pick up a copy.  There’s a Cthulhu version, so that might be fun, although the original is really really good.
Decisions decisions……

Yesterday, since we didn’t go skating, we went for a walk in Pollok Park. Someone had abandoned and burned out a car in the woods.  Strange thing is that despite the ground being wet and muddy, there’s no tyre marks!

Later we went to the CCA, to see a documentary – The Cause of Ireland – about life for ordinary people on both sides of the divide, during the troubles in the six counties.  Really interesting film.



Burnt out car in Pollok Park (note the lack of tyre marks on the ground.)

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Yoga and farting. What’s the etiquette?

Was at the yoga class last night, and damn if there wasn’t a little anal orchestra trumping away on more than one occasion.  (I counted 4 farts, only one of which I can claim responsibilty for)

Now, I know that when you’re doing yoga (any stretching in fact, I’ve heard it happen during a karate warm-up) that un-expected fartage can occur.  I try to ignore it, and not end up throwing a hip out as I convulse with laughter while in a pose which doesn’t allow for safe laughing.

So the question of the day is this.  Farting at yoga.  Is is socially acceptable, and should it be ignored, or embraced and openly celebrated with a laugh?

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The great outdoors

Well that was a great wee weekend.

Started off after work on Friday, with a leaving do for one of the other techs who retired.  I only stayed a couple of hours, as I had to get sorted for the next day’s trip, but my line-manager told me he finally left at 11pm, 7 hours after we arrived 🙂

Saturday, we headed to Gartmore House where we were booked in for the night.  After checking in, we hopped back in the car, and headed to Aberfoyle for a wander round, before jumping back in the car and heading to Callander for a while, before finally heading back to Gartmore House and dinner.

The food was excellent (as usual).  This was the third time we’ve stayed there, and the food has always been great.  My wife is coeliac, and there’s Free From bread, and soya milk, so she’s catered for as well, which a lot of more expensive places don’t seem to do.
After dinner, we just heading into the lounge and had  a few games of Ouril.  We’d taken the set that I picked up in Cape Verde along.  Easy game to learn, but I suspect it could take a while to get really good at it.

Yesterday, after a substantial breakfast, we got a map of local forest walks from the reception, checked out, and went for a nice long walk before heading back home.

Great weekend, and getting out and doing something, rather than slobbing out with Netflix, was great (Not that I’m averse to the odd box set binge 😀  )


Not posed for at all pic of me by a wee stream

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Yoga and zines

Different teacher at the yoga class last night, the regular one had a meeting to go to.  It was interesting seeing how someone else teaches the same style of yoga.
She took it a bit slower and was a bit more fun than the usual teacher (not that she’s not a friendly fun person, just she comes across a little more reserved than the teacher from last night), and this was pretty good, as there was a few people who came along who had never done yoga before.

I think between the two of them, and the Iyenga class I used to go to, I’ll now have a good idea of what I can do for a practice on my own when I’m not at a class.

Got a superb little literary zine through the post yesterday.  Razur Cuts is published in Falkirk, Scotland, and features poetry, stories, interviews and music.  It’s got a punky feel to it, and this is reflected in the bands that are interviewed.  The second issue has just come out, and it’s been expanded to feature more content than the first issue.  It’s a great read, and I recommend it.  Grab a copy if you can.

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