Weekend photos from the garden

Been playing with the camera in the garden at the weekend. Here’s a few wee pics to be getting on with.

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Playing with the camera


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Cycle by the loch

Yesterday, we took the bikes up to Callander (a very nice little town that I can recommend visiting), and cycled along the side of Loch Venachar.

I knew that you could circumnavigate the entire loch, but we weren’t interested in cycling on roads yesterday, and stuck to the cycle route on a very quiet, almost car free road which followed the side of the loch.  We turned back when the path dropped onto forestry tracks, but more because it was raining, and we were getting a bit wet, than any other reason.

Looking at a map, we were well past the halfway point, and it would have probably only taken another half hour to get to Brig O’ Turk and the tearoom there.  Maybe next time.

Loch Venacher

Loch Venacher

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Birds in the park

Went for a walk in Queens Park last night and came across these little guys.  I’ve been told they’re Coots.

IMG_20150526_182723 IMG_20150526_182726 IMG_20150526_183326 IMG_20150526_183329 IMG_20150526_183331 IMG_20150526_183337 IMG_20150526_183339

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