Sleepy cat sketch

Had a go at sketching one of the cats yesterday, with charcoal.  She wasn’t interested in posing for me and just curled up and fell asleep, so here’s a sketch of a cat from the back.

2016-03-20 11.45.31

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Malaysian Street Art


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Graffiti mural

Found this cracker of a mural when I was out at lunchtime today.

Gable end mural in the Merchant City, Glasgow.

Gable end mural in the Merchant City, Glasgow.

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Pro-independence robot graffiti


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One of the photos I took of the Nymph fountain. This isn’t the one I framed, but it’s one of three that was a possibility. This is probably my 2nd favourite of all the photos I took of it.

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Wee sketch of somewhere that only exists in my head.


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Pretty chuffed

There’s a photo I took of a fountain with a statue in it, that I then greyscaled, blew up, and printed out for framing.  I’d taken about 20 shots of the fountain before I got one that I was happy with.  It’s hanging on the wall in the living room, and to me at least, looks pretty cool.

Last night our neighbour was in to use our laptop to apply for a job, as her broadband is down at the moment.  When she say the picture she asked where I’d bought it.  When I told her I took it she really surprised.  She loved it.  Given the fact that she’s a photographer to trade (although she’s not working as one at the moment), I was really chuffed that she rated it.

She reckons I should get some prints made up to sell.

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When I was at school……(aka Art vs Science)

I did science, because I was was “No good at art”. Now in my mid-late 40’s, I regret not doing something I loved, just because of other people. In 5th year I had wanted to do a crash O grade in art, but it would have clashed with when the physics class was timetabled, so again I was denied something I liked.

Now I’m in place, where I DON’T CARE whether other people like or hate what I try to draw/paint/photograph, and I’m happy. I may have missed out on year of simple pleasure because of the opinions of others, but I’m doing this for me, and me alone. If other people like it, that’s fine. If they don’t, I couldn’t care less.

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First pastel drawing

First pastel drawing

Bit squashed looking, but it’s the first time I’ve tried drawing with pastels.

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