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Bike #2

The cycle to work scheme should be kicking in again next month.  I’m seriously considering the Cannondale CAADX Sora Disc
 as my commute/longer run bike, to complement the Giant escape M1 that I currently own.

To be honest, I’d probably be happy enough with one of the B’Twin road bikes that I had a try of in Decathalon, BUT, the cross bikes have wheels/tyres that will be more forgiving on the roads of Glasgow.  That, and the fact that with the savings I’ll make via the scheme, although the Cannondale is almost double the price of the B’Twin, I’ll end up paying about the same or just over.  So more bike for my buck sort of thing.

We’ll see, but if I go for a Cross, it’s probably the Cannondale, and if I (for some reason) go road, then possibly B’Twin.

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Clear out challenge

As the seemingly never ending clearout goes ever on, I’ve set myself a challenge.  To get rid of one thing – something substantial – every day for a month.  Every day, find just one thing that I can put in a bag to go to the charity shop, and at the end of the month, take the bag and hand if over.
No editing, no mind changing.  Once it’s in the bag it stays in the bag.

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Pro-independence robot graffiti


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What happens when the hypermarkets close

Are you old enough to remember local high streets filled with independent shops?  A newsagents, a butchers, a grocery shop?
Now, remember when the big shiny multinational superstores came along?  The little high street shops couldn’t compete, and were driven out of business.

NOW, what happens when the multinational superstores have expanded too much, and have to start shutting down?  Where do you shop now? (and what about those jobs?)

That’s the reality in some places now that Tesco are shutting 49 of their stores round the UK.

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Running vs The Rest of the World

I’ve pretty much not been running lately (I think I’ve only been out 3 times this year, which is not good).  BUT I am back on the bike, I’ve been at the gym (where the treadmill gets used) and I’m still going to karate.

I think I’m getting things in balance, and much as I loved running and entering races, I think that it’s place in my life is something that I’ll do once in a while because I want to, and not something to do because I feel I have to. (this of course is subject to change at very short notice, depending on the weather, my mood, if I fancy a run, or if I just get the urge again).

I’m enjoying being back on the bike and I’m planning a second bike (I was going for a road bike, but think I’ll actually get a cross, as Glasgow’s roads aren’t exactly road bike friendly), so I think realistically the cycling will be taking over from the running.  Instead of a 5 mile run, a 10 mile ride, that sort of thing.

Anyway, like I say, it’s all subject to change, that’s just the state of the nation at the moment.

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Excellent little film.

We’re in the matrix and most people don’t realise.  Eat. work, consume, sleep, eat, work, consume, sleep – repeat ad infinitum.

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got back out on the bike 😀  First time this year.

Put on the panniers, and cycled through Pollok park to Pollokshaws and did a shop at the Aldi there.  Two full pannier bags loaded onto the bike and back through the park to the house.
I wimped out from the big hill just before the bridge over the motorway, that pretty much brings you out 100 yards from my door, and took the long flat route, which added another mile to the journey, but it’s all good.  Karen had never seen that part of the park before despite us living next to it for just over 10 years, so she’s happy that she now knows an alternative route to use if she’s either too tired to face the hill, or just wants a longer flatter route.

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Letterbox droppage

Some interesting droppage through the letterbox over the last couple of days.  First off there was the latest issue of Peace News, which is always an interesting read.
Next up was the new album by Dan Reed, which once again was crowd funded, so I’ve now got all his solo stuff signed, which is nice.
Finally the latest Scottish CND magazine, which I’m looking forward to reading, especially after being at the SNP/CND conference last month, which was really informative.

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Quiet of late

I’ve not been up to much lately as I’ve been floored with a heavy cold, which wiped out last weekend, and resulted in a couple of sick days from work, which had a knock on effect of me getting through a lot of stuff I had on the pvr, and catching up on some dvd’s I had still to watch. (Woody Allen is decent viewing when you’re loaded with the cold, and huddled in a sleeping bag on the sofa with two cats and the heating up full).

I’m now back a work and waiting to hear when the CTW scheme is kicking in again so I can get a road/cross bike to add to the existing hybrid (which as you know is now pimped out with a rack and has a cool pannier set itching to get used).

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