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More downsizing required

I still have that second bag of dvd’s to take to the 2nd hand music/dvd shop.  I also have to get more looked out and decide if I really need them.
Ok, I don’t need any of them, I’ll rephrase that.  (a) Do I want them, and (b) realistically will I watch them again, and often enough to justify them taking up space?

Then there’s t-shirts that need clearing out too.  They’ll go to the charity shop.

Books I’ve pretty much got down to an ok level and I’m happy with my kindle, but I could probably get rid of more if I put my mind to it.  Again, charity shop.

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Latest bike news

So, this Friday, I’ve got a test ride on the Cannondale organised. If it feels right, when the cycle to work scheme starts in just over a week, I’ll be picking it up. They’re going to give me a Genesis to try as well. It’s supposed to be similar, so they want to give me an option. It’s a bit more than I want to pay, and to be honest, even if it wasn’t, I think I’m pretty sold on the CAADX, so the Genesis will have to be something special to sway me.

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Clearout update

So I took a wee pile of dvd’s to the 2nd hand shop, and result!  £15 of your shiny new earth pounds sterling.   Ok, so they offered me £24 trade or £15 cash, and tempting as the trade value was, I AM trying to clear out after all, so £15 cash it was.

There’s now a nice wee space freed up in the house, and I’ve another load looked out and ready to take down.  I’ll leave it a week though.  I’ve advertised them in work, so folks there can have first refusal.

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