Life of late

Not posted in a while.  A thing has been happening.

I had a blemish on my chest, and went to the GP, who said he didn’t know what it was.  He got a colleague in who didn’t either, and asked if I’d burned myself.
Now, I think I might remember burning my chest, so that would be no.

I was sent off with a steroid cream, and an appointment to go back 2 weeks later.  If it didn’t clear they would refer me to dermatology.

2 weeks later and no change, so an appointment was made for me at a hospital to see a dermatologist, who took one look and said “It’s a basal cell carcinoma” then expalined why I shouldn’t freak out, and that it was a case of removing it.  He booked me in for a biopsy to confirm, and off I trotted with an information sheet about what it was and how it was treated.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was back for the biopsy.  I’m a wuss with needles so wasn’t looking forward to it, but it was quick, painless and easy, and I got the first stitches I’ve ever had.
A week later the stitches were removed at the GP surgery.  Again, painless and easy.

I got a letter in a for an appointment with a consultant at another hospital, and 2 weeks ago, I went along to see him.  He had a look, said it was small and would be easy to remove.  Talked me through what would happen and made me feel at ease.

I have an appointment for my surgery (out patient, done under a local anaesthetic) at the end of the month.  I plan to take before, stitches in, and stitches out, photos.  I’ll have my first surgery scar (go me!)

The point of this post is, if you see a skin blemish, get it checked out.  It could be nothing, it could be something.  The reality of it being something is nowhere near as bad as you build it up in your head, and if it’s nothing, you’ve been stressing yourself needlessly.

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