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Consumerism. Wake up, time to buy

Yesterday, we were in TK Maxx, as one of my yoga teachers had found Manduka Eko Lite mats in her local one, for a third of the usual price, and I needed a new mat.
As my luck goes, they didn’t have them, so I was good to leave.  My wife however went looking to see if there was any shorts she could get for our upcoming trip to Cambodia.

While she was browsing I was randomly wandering round the store, not looking at things, and that’s when I noticed that the majority of the people were raking through the rails like zombies on autopilot, and that’s when it struck me.  They’re not looking for something they need, they’re looking till they SEE SOMETHING THEY WANT.

It’s almost like people are conditioned to buy to justify their existence.

“What did you do at the weekend?”
“I bought xxxx.  What about you?”
“Oh, I bought YYY”

Work, shop, sleep, repeat.

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got back out on the bike 😀  First time this year.

Put on the panniers, and cycled through Pollok park to Pollokshaws and did a shop at the Aldi there.  Two full pannier bags loaded onto the bike and back through the park to the house.
I wimped out from the big hill just before the bridge over the motorway, that pretty much brings you out 100 yards from my door, and took the long flat route, which added another mile to the journey, but it’s all good.  Karen had never seen that part of the park before despite us living next to it for just over 10 years, so she’s happy that she now knows an alternative route to use if she’s either too tired to face the hill, or just wants a longer flatter route.

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