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Plans for the day

Today is going to be a busy one.  Before work I did a short yoga session, before swapping my usual two cups of coffee for a green tea.  The difference compared to how I usually am at this time of the day is that I feel alive, awake and alert.  Not sure if it’s the yoga, tea instead of coffee, or both that are working their magic, but it feels good.

At lunchtime, I’ve got a core strengthening session with a colleague in the gym in work (we’re lucky that working in a university, we have access to a gym on site).

Work-wise I’ve got a fair bit on today, so overall the day should pass pretty quickly.

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Bike fixed and email deluge

The shop got the problem with the bike sorted, so that’s great.  The tension on the rear derailleur needed adjusting.
I really need to do a wee course on bike maintenance, as I feel that things like this, I should be able to do myself.

In other news, there’s a been a deluge of emails in work over something really simple.  It really was a case of too many people getting involved, and every time I opened my email there was another going on about the same thing.  In the end I went down stairs and spoke to the person I was needing a signature from, and she agreed with me that it was a storm in a tea cup.
People need to actually READ their emails before responding, and cc-ing other people in just adds to the noise and makes getting a solution to something really simple, that much harder.  A fine example of ADMINISTRATIUM – the densest element known to mankind.  Once administratium gets added to a situation, it can take forever to solve.

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That’s that for another year.

So yesterday was the work Christmas do.

The place we had booked was a bit more….. trendy that I would choose to frequent, but the food was excellent, and the staff were great, so can’t complain on that score.
We had to be off that tables by 4.00pm as they needed them for another party that had booked, so we all headed into the bar at that point.
I’d had a couple of beers, and like I say this wasn’t the sort of place I’d usually frequent, so I slipped away and met up with some colleagues who had done their own thing, and were now in a pub.
I stayed for another couple of drinks, then opted for an early night and headed home.

The highlight of the night for me was an English colleague asking how much a kilt cost to get made.

Him – How much was it, the kilt.
Me – £300
Him – no, not including the sporran, belt, shoes, etc, just the kilt.
Me – Yeah, £300.

His face was a picture.  He didn’t know they were hand made to measure, and contained 8 yards of wool.

So anyway, that’s it over for another year.  Just got the karate club night out on Saturday and I can relax…

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So I’m wearing a kilt to work today….

…That can only mean one thing.

It’s the Christmas do today 😀

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Selfie alert

Selfie alert

Selfie in the lift just before heading out to the work Christmas do.

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Christmas lunch

Well, tomorrow is the work Christmas lunch, so tomorrow it’s on with the kilt and come lunchtime, off for an afternoon of face stuffing, followed by a few beers.

There’s some colleagues who for their own reasons aren’t going, but are doing their own thing.  I’ll be meeting up with them afterwards for a drink before heading home.


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