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The great outdoors

Well that was a great wee weekend.

Started off after work on Friday, with a leaving do for one of the other techs who retired.  I only stayed a couple of hours, as I had to get sorted for the next day’s trip, but my line-manager told me he finally left at 11pm, 7 hours after we arrived 🙂

Saturday, we headed to Gartmore House where we were booked in for the night.  After checking in, we hopped back in the car, and headed to Aberfoyle for a wander round, before jumping back in the car and heading to Callander for a while, before finally heading back to Gartmore House and dinner.

The food was excellent (as usual).  This was the third time we’ve stayed there, and the food has always been great.  My wife is coeliac, and there’s Free From bread, and soya milk, so she’s catered for as well, which a lot of more expensive places don’t seem to do.
After dinner, we just heading into the lounge and had  a few games of Ouril.  We’d taken the set that I picked up in Cape Verde along.  Easy game to learn, but I suspect it could take a while to get really good at it.

Yesterday, after a substantial breakfast, we got a map of local forest walks from the reception, checked out, and went for a nice long walk before heading back home.

Great weekend, and getting out and doing something, rather than slobbing out with Netflix, was great (Not that I’m averse to the odd box set binge 😀  )


Not posed for at all pic of me by a wee stream

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So much for the camping idea!

In a couple of weeks, my wife is going to be doing a two day sign language course, on a Saturday and Sunday.

I had a plan to walk the first leg of the West Highland Way, from Milngavie to Drymen, camp overnight, and get the bus back to Glasgow the next day.

The walk would have taken about 5 hours, there’s a campsite in Dymen, which sounds like it’s really really basic, but which would have been ok for one night.  There’s a couple of really nice pubs in Drymen, so food and a few beers with a good book, would have been a relaxing evening before bedding down for the night.  The next day would have been simply a case of breaking camp, jumping on a bus back to Glasgow, and home.

Simple you might think, EXCEPT, on a Sunday, only one bus passes through Drymen, en route to Glasgow, and that’s at 7.00pm!  Seriously, if I’m up at 7 or 8.00am I’m NOT hanging around a small (albeit extremely picturesque) village for 12 hours, especially when it would only take 5 to walk back.  

Ah well, back to the drawing board.  I suppose I could go a run on the bike.

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