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Since I actually managed to do what I’d set out this time last year, I thought I’d commit to giving it a go again this year, so here’s the list.

1. Keep the clear out going, and don’t buy things I don’t need

2. Spend some time under canvas. Get the tent out the cupboard, and get outdoors with it.

3. Keep up with the gym routine, and keep cycling to work. Run more this year than last year.

4. Eat healthier and drink less. I don’t drink a lot, but still, cut back a bit.

5. Get the paintbrushes and sketchbooks out and do something. I’m not arty in the least, but if I enjoy it and it’s done for me, then just damn well paint/draw and enjoy the process even if the result is not worth showing anyone.

6. Carry the camera more often and get those pics that last year I saw the potential for but didn’t have a camera with me.

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These little things are sent to try us

On this morning’s commute, I got a puncture cutting through Bellahouston park.  No probs really, checked there was no glass or thorns in the tyre, popped in a new tube, and was on my way again in about 10 minutes.  Only problem is the little hand pumps aren’t great at getting the tyres up to pressure, so it’s a bit on the soft side.  I’ve got a track pump at home, so I’ll get it back up to the right pressure when I get home tonight.

This is the third puncture in two weeks, on the same wheel, so, I’ve decided it’s time for new tyres.  I’ve been recommended some Schwalbe tyres by a friend, who’s done over 4000 miles on his and hasn’t had a single puncture yet.

Either he’s extremely lucky, or they’re as good and puncture proof as they claim to be.  Either way, I’ll probably pick up a pair tomorrow and get them fitted for the weekend.

It’s good to know that it’s so easy and quick to fix a flat.  It’s also nice that the people who passed me in the park all asked if I was ok or if I needed a hand.  It reinforces my faith in people.  Not everyone is selfish and out for themselves.  There are still decent people out there.

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