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Simpler living

I’ve begun the process of clearing out things I (a) spent years collecting – comics, (b) never thought I’d part with, and (c) haven’t read, looked at or taken out their storage boxes for years.  

I also have boxes and boxes of vhs tapes, and no longer have a vcr.  I’ve no idea why the hell I’m holding onto them, so they can go as well.

Then there’s the books.  I’ve a pretty large collection of SF, that just sits there looking very nice on the shelf, but not getting read.  Naturally there are some (about 50) that I’ll never get rid of – the Heinlen/Moorcock/Dick books for example, but there’s loads of random books that I’ve just gathered along the way and never passed on or got rid of.

Once all that’s taken care of, there’s a bit of disused ground at the bottom of the garden that I’ve earmarked for raised beds, and growing veg.

Go me.

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