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Positive mind set

The positive frame of mind I mentioned this morning is (strangely) still with me.  I’m pretty confident about this month, about clearing out more stuff I don’t need, and about not accumulating any more.

I had to get a new front light for my bike, before it gets dark early enough that I need them, and the Edinburgh Bike Co-op had a set reduced to £9.99.  Since I only needed a front one – I dropped the one I had and knackered it – this is pretty much perfect.  The rear light can either be kept as a spare, or used as a second light.  One flashing and one steady.

I’ve got a day’s holiday on Friday, but it’s because I’m waiting in for Scottish Gas to send someone to fit a water filter to the boiler (£265!!!!!).  This should mean they reduce the boiler insurance premium.  It’s gone up from £19 to £30, because I’ve claimed two repairs for the same fault, which this filter should eliminate.  If they don’t reduce it, I’ll go elsewhere.

So since I’ll be at home for that, as long as the weather stays ok, I’ll renew the roofing felt on the garden shed, and sand and stain the garden bench, which both need doing sooner rather than later.  Who knows, there may even be time to cut the grass.

But Friday won’t be all work and no play.  In the evening we’re off to meet a couple of friends for a curry, before heading to a fund raising ceilidh.  Should be a good night.

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