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Disposable world

I suppose I only really noticed this, as I’m trying to have have a clearout.
My mobile contract was up for renewal recently, and I headed off to get my well deserved upgrade, and that was when I realised. I was perfectly happy with the phone I had. I was only going for an upgrade, because the system says I can get another phone every two years.

I’ve actually got 4 perfectly usable old phones lying in the house. A small graveyard of tech that are unused only because of upgrades – there’s actually 5, but my wife took one, and has been using it now for about 6 years and is perfectly happy.

One of the old phones is unlocked, so it goes abroad with me, and I can pop in a local sim if I need to, which is handy. The others are perfectly useable too.

Our culture has been drawn in to the cycle of renewing their tech every couple of years, when in reality, there’s no need.

I opted to go for a sim only deal, and keep my phone, and I’m saving £7 a month as a result. If the phone breaks down in the meantime, there’s not exactly a shortage of phones I can pop the sim into.

I’ll upgrade the phone, if I NEED to, not because my phone isn’t deemed cool or cutting edge any more.

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