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Panic stations

My birthday is rapidly approaching.  It’s this coming Sunday.

My wife has already been asking where I want to go, and she’s thinking who to ask along.  While I appreciate the gesture, I don’t like the fuss.  I managed not to have an 18th party, and I also dodged a 21st successfully.  There was a 40th however.  This was a surprise, and was sprung on me.  Fortunately there was only a handful of friends there.
I’ve always liked going to other peoples parties, but I’ve always hated having my own.  I can’t stand being the centre of attention.  Not the actions of a typical Leo.

So I thought that this time we were just going for a meal, just the two of us, but apparently not.  There’s one, maybe two others coming along.  I suppose I can handle this, but – and this probably sounds selfish – I just want to go out, the two of us, for dinner, and not have to bother making small talk with other people.

When I think about having to spend time with other people, sometimes I start to feel claustrophobic.  The idea of what’s supposed to be “my day” being out-with my control is really annoying me.  I know when it comes round to it, I’ll enjoy it, BUT, it’s the not being in control that’s getting to me.

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