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Thinking about another painting

I’ve decided to have a go at doing another painting.  There’s a pic I took of the sky over Troon beach – it’s about 4 posts down (Awesome Sky) – and it’s been calling me to, well, just have a go.  So in the spirit of “it doesn’t matter if it’s crap, it’s the doing that’s the enjoyment, the result is a bonus”, I’m off at lunchtime to get an enlargement to use as a guide.
Hoping to have a go this weekend.  Pics will be posted (depending on the resultant mess!)

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This coming weekend

The reaction to the wee painting I did (see previous post) has been really positive and encouraging, both here, and on FB.  So with that in mind, tomorrow (weather permitting) I’m off hillwalking.  I’ll be taking the camera, and looking to get some pics that will hopefully be the inspiration for another attempt at a landscape.  This time of a place that actually exists.

So, fingers crossed that the weather holds out and that I get *that* photograph.

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Landscape #1

Landscape #1

First attempt ever at a watercolour.
A while back I got a little watercolour set on a whim. I’m absolutely not artistic, but fancied giving it a go.
I found a tutorial online, and this is my attempt at the painting from that. I’m not kidding myself that it’s any good, but it was actually fun to do, and to me that’s the important thing, not the end result.

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