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Sometime I hate technology. (I’m sure the feeling is mutual)

Earlier this year my phone contract was up for renewal.  Rather than get a new phone – I like(d) my HTC Desire C – I opted for a sim only deal and stayed with my phone.  A couple of months back, the charger refused to plug into the phone.  Rather than fork out for another phone, I took a step back to the old Samsung Galaxy I’d had about 4 years ago.  Fine, EXCEPT it was so old, I couldn’t update any apps, and would have been as well off using the non-smart Samsung I’ve still got from about 5 years ago!

So, yesterday I went and bought a sim free phone (Hauwei Ascend Y330).  Looks cool, and appears to do everything I want – phone, txt, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – EXCEPT, could I get it to connect to wifi?  Could I buggery!

Home network gave a response of either (a) “authenticating” or (b) “obtaining IP address”, neither of which happened.

Open network in work gave a “connected” response, UNTIL I tried to go online, when it promptly told me I was “not connected to a network.

So, today at lunchtime, I trotted in to the shop, where a spotty youth told me that my network password would be “case sensitive” and that was the problem.  Erm…no, I’ve been working with IT equipment since before you were born sonny, I KNOW it’s case sensitive and have successfully connected numerous devices prior to getting this phone.
Next thing spotty youth turns on the wifi and damn, if it doesn’t connect to their network straight away.  Back at work, and I can now connect to the network I previously couldn’t.

Fingers crossed for the home network tonight.

(Other than this little problem, the phone seems pretty good.  Especially since I only paid £50 for it)

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