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That’s better

Been a bit…..meh today. Can’t pin it on any one thing.
So, that’s why I’m really glad I went to yoga at lunchtime, instead of a union meeting that I was supposed to be be going to (who organises meetings at lunchtime? Seriously, don’t)

Anyway, I feel in a much better place now, so I’m looking forward to this evening after work, when we’re going to take a wee drive down the coast to either Troon, or Ayr. (Troon is closer, but not much is open in the evenings, whereas Ayr has a bit more going on but is about another half hours drive away)

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On Saturday we were out for a meal with a friend who runs the karate club I go to (although I’ve not been since September as it doesn’t feel “right” for me at the moment. Hopefully it will again), and a filling dropped out. Problem was, I only realised when I bit on it, and broke off a second one.
Managed to get an appointment yesterday and got them fixed, so everything is ok tooth-wise again.

Last night while lying watching tv, my throat started to feel scratchy. I tried nipping it in the bud. First with Lemsip, and then followed that up with a hot toddy (whisky, sugar and hot water, with some cloves popped in for good measure.)
Seems to have helped a bit. It’s still not right, but it isn’t as bad as last night, and there’s no discolouration in my phlegm, so that’s good.

I’m basically in a state of meh today. I booked into the lunchtime yoga class as usual, even though I’m not feeling it today. Hopefully this will snap me out of the funk I’m in. I was planning to longboard into work today. The weather is stunning and I’ve no excuse other than I don’t have any enthusiasm today. Hopefully the good weather will hold out for a bit longer.

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Feeling a bit meh

Think I may have a bug.  I’ve not been feeling 100% since probably Sunday.  Nothing I can put my finger on.  The closest I can think is when you’re feeling a bit rough the morning after the night before.

I’m definitely a bit dehydrated which isn’t helping, but I’m working on taking on more water and less coffee, which is a diuretic, so that should be sorted pretty quicky.  I’m also not really in the mood to do much.  I’m putting this down the apathy due to feeling meh.

Off for a night away at the weekend, so hopefully I’ll be back on track by then, as there’s walks in the hills to be done (weather permitting).

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Tonight I’m going along to a new (extra) karate class.  I’ve been looking forward to this class starting since the person who’s taking it suggested starting an extra night, but now that it’s here, I’m feeling really apathetic.

I’m not sure if it’s a general apathy today, or it’s karate focused.  Lately I’ve had issues about going to the Wednesday class, that have arisen out of work getting in the way, to the point where I just can’t be bothered with it.  On the days I do go, I head along initially with a feeling of, not quite dread, but certainly not looking forward to it, and end up enjoying myself and feeling great afterwards.

I hope this is general Tuesday-meh, and it’s not just karate-centric, as this is something that I love doing, and I like the people in the club, so it would be a shame to quit.

I guess I’m just having an off day.

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