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Mindfulness meditation

Recently I picked up the book Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World. and am half-way through my second week of using it.

The book comes with a cd of guided meditations, and the idea is you do meditation 1 twice a day (if possible) for a week, and then for week 2 do meditation 2 etc for 8 weeks.

I didn’t have too much trouble with the first week, as it was similar to the meditation that took place at the meditation group they used to have in my work.
This week, week 2, that’s a whole other story. I’ve nodded off a couple of times, and the chatter in my head seemed to be really frantic compared to week 1. Last night I completed it without nodding off/zoning out, which I’m taking as a positive, but it did highlight the amount of seriously random thoughts that I have rattling about in my head. At least last night I managed to notice them, acknowledge they happened, and just let them pass on their way to wherever it is they’re headed.

I do feel a lot more relaxed for doing this, and immediately after a meditation, I feel amazingly calm, so it’s doing something good.

If you’ve fancied trying mindfulness meditation this seems to be a good book/cd to have a go with. The reviews are good, and I’m finding positive results. Try it and see.

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Yoga, karate, meditiation

Last night I was at karate for the first time since new Year.  It was good to be back.  Pat, who runs the club, had me take some white, and red belts for kata.  This was good, as it got me back into training, and I got some more experience of teaching, which I’ll have to do more of if I get my black belt this year.

Today I’m going to do the gym at lunchtime to work on my core.  Combined with the diet I’m currently on, I’ve lost 2 1/2 inches from round my stomach in 3 weeks.  When I get home tonight I’ll do some yoga as well.

I’ve picked up a book on Kundalini awakening.  I have been doing mindfulness meditation, but had heard Kundalini was a good practice, so I’m going to have a read and see how it goes.


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Panic stations

Had a bit of a panic attack in the supermarket last Thursday evening.  Felt myself getting seriously stressed for absolutely no reason.  My heart was racing, and I desperately wanted to get out and go straight home, despite the fact we were heading to the pub quiz.
It passed pretty quickly thankfully, but I’ve realised that I need to get back to doing yoga regularly (panic attacks of no, this is something I need to do) and need to start meditating again.

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What I’ve been up to of late

Not posted in a bit.  Life’s been getting in the way.

So, I’ve done a load of gardening, and it’s starting to look a bit more civilised.  Just need to keep on top of it.
The yoga class is on hold unless they can get another instructor, as the Iyengar teacher has decided there’s not enough of us attending to keep it going over the summer (it takes place in the gym in my work, and most people are currently on holiday).  This is a bit odd, as she gets paid by the uni, so the numbers in the class won’t affect her money.
In the meantime, I plan to go in and do some yoga on my own in the mornings.  I cycle in 4 days a week, so I’m in early anyway, and can get a session done before I shower and change for work.

I’ve also been trying mantra meditation again, to try and chill out a bit.  I think I’m stressed as when I get up in the mornings, I’ve been feeling like I’m been clenching my jaw at night, so I probably do need to relax and not stress the little things.

I’m still trying to downsize and clear things out that I don’t need, but sometimes it’s hard.  I need to try to be a bit more ruthless and just get rid.  DVD to the 2nd hand shop, books to the 2nd hand book shop and/or the charity shop, and stop buying shit I don’t need.


aaaaannnnnnnd relax.

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……aaaaaaand exhale……..

Was feeling tired, and stressed this afternoon.  Found a guided chakra meditation on youtube, and thought “What the hell”.  Now I’m feeling, calm, relaxed, and awake.  It works, it’s really good.

I’ve tried Buddhist meditation, and liked that, but this really seemed to tick the right boxes.  I’ve got it bookmarked, and plan to do it on a regular basis now.

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Isolation chambers, Buddhist meditation and chanting Hare Krishna

I used to regularly go to an isolation tank in the West End of Glasgow, and just chill and relax for an hour.  It was a wee monthly treat, some me time where “me” melted away, and became irrelevant.  When I came out the chamber and walked round the streets, for a while it was like being in a bubble looking out.  And I loved it.

Then the place with the chamber closed.

For a while I tried Buddhist meditation, as there was a weekly session in my work, at lunchtime.  The results varied, from “a bit chilled out” to actually nodding off, so it wasn’t really working out.

After talking to a couple of Krishna monks, I thought I’d try chanting.  Not for any religious reason (I don’t really think of myself as religious, but I do consider myself spiritual.), but to see if I could get that calm that I’d lost when the chamber closed.
I do have Krishna beads – japa mala – that I got when I was in India and visited a Krishna temple in Mumbai (among other temples), so I was good to go for counting a “round” of chanting.

I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by the results.  I’m “almost” getting the same results that I got from the float in the tank.  There’s a slight disassociation post chant that almost matches the post float feeling, so I’m taking that as a positive result.

I feel a lot calmer afterwards, and that surely is the point I’ve been looking to achieve.

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Just back from my second lunchtime group meditation session, and I really feel good from it.

It definitely calms me down.  I’ve been pretty stressed* the last few weeks, due to some things that have been happening, and while they seem to have been sorted out, it didn’t make much difference.  For example, a letter arrived from my solicitor, who had been sorting out a problem we’d had when we bought our house.  The problem is all sorted – although it took three years – and this was just a paper copy of an email I’d received, with a receipt for the money I had paid them, so there was nothing to get worked up about, but when I saw the envelope with the solicitors stamp on it, I felt physically sick.
So, even though everything was sorted, just receiving this letter was obviously stressful as it was a reminder of the mess my original solicitor had left us in, and the three years of letter writing and panicking I’d done.

I have to say that after today’s meditation session I feel in a better place.  I’m a lot calmer, and I think I’m back to my usual chilled out self.

(* at one stage it had resulted in me grinding my teeth to the extent that I’d loosened a crown I have, which then meant a trip to the dentist (that I shouldn’t have needed) to get it put in again)

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