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So I’m a bird watcher now…..

At the weekend we took a drive to Lochwinnoch RSPB nature reserve, and despite the weather, really enjoyed ourselves.

When we got there, one of the staff spoke to us about the reserve, the birds that we might see, and the ones that had been seen that day – there’s a list written on a whiteboard as people spot them.  Then they gave us a map showing some walks along the side of the loch, with hides positioned along them, and gave us a loan of a pair of binoculars, before setting us loose.

Well, we both like being out in the countryside, but this was really good.  It was fun sitting in a hide and scanning the loch to see what we could see.  At one point we saw what we were later told was a buzzard, diving towards the water before soaring off.  We couldn’t make out if it had grabbed anything, but it didn’t look like it.  Back at the visitor centre we were told it had tried to get a duck, but failed as the duck had dived under the water and got away.

We had such a good time that we joined the RSPB, and got a really cool book in the welcome pack.

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