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Yoga and Sons of Anarchy (not related)

That Thursday Iyengar yoga class I mentioned in the previous post?  Despite being told “Lunchtime is Vinyasa Flow and evening is Iyengar”  it turned out that yes, lunchtime IS Vinyasa Flow, BUT evening is ALSO Vinyasa Flow.
When I walked into the class and saw the teacher, my initial reaction was “Aw….shite!”, but I have to say I did enjoy her class, even managing one of the two “hands on the floor feet off the floor” poses that she included.  I can’t remember the name off-hand as I was concentrating on actually doing the pose rather than what it was called.
I’ll do the Iyengar on my own as and when, as I’ve read that it complements other styles, and if the Iyengar starts up again, I can always go to that as well.

At the weekend I saw the last episodes of Sons of Anarchy, and was (a) gutted that it’s all over, and (b) happy that they finished it the only way they could.  It was a superb show.  Best series I’ve seen since Breaking Bad.

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Booked in for the yoga class tonight after work, but not sure if it’s actually happening.  The teacher never showed up last week.  I know that a three weeks back, she said she wasn’t sure if she’d be along the following week, as she hadn’t been paid yet, but that would have been the first week I was on holiday, and there’s been two classes since (allegedly), so the gym should know if she’s quite or not, but apparently they don’t.

So, fingers crossed she shows up tonight.


In the meantime I picked up a book for myself.


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