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Throwback Thursday

Back to last year when we visited a Buddhist temple in Bali (and lots of Hindu ones too).

Bali temple

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Pre-trip nerves

So tomorrow we’re off on holiday.  I always stress in the run up to a trip, an only relax, once I’m checked-in, in the departure lounge, and have a beer in my hand.  

Scratch that it’s once I’m on a the plane, we’ve taken off, I’ve got a book in my hand, and a drink in front of me.

One cat was taken to a cat sitter last night, and the other is going to my mum’s tonight.  Then I have to finish the last wee bit of packing, check the paperwork (again.  Hey, I’m slightly OCD, so sue me) and get the hand luggage sorted.

Tomorrow, you can pretty much guarantee that despite getting ready tonight, I’ll be like a bag of cats tomorrow morning.

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Next year’s travels

So, the trip for next year is to Cape Verde.  I don’t think that it’ll add much, if anything, to my travel blog* – click on the Blogger link in the “about me” bit on the right – as it seems to be volcanic landscapes and beautiful beaches.  I pretty much expect it will be a chill out and catch up with some reading type holiday.  Which is totally fine.  There’s been a lot of stuff in the last year that’s not been good, so a relaxing holiday is just what’s needed.  Then again, there seems to be trekking to be done, so I’ll take the walking boots.  You never know.

(*the blog was set up when we went to India last year, so friends could see where we were and what we were up to.  I kept it going with this year’s trip to Jordan, which to my shame I’ve still to finish posting.  It’s almost there though.  Feel free to have a look and leave any comments.

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