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Missing out

Today I was supposed to be going to Arran with a couple of friends from work, one of whom is going to climb Ben Nevis in later in the year to raise money for charity, and we were going to climb Goatfell, which is a hill I’ve always wanted to do.
EXCEPT, this week my left foot has been giving me gyp.  No idea what I’ve done to it.  On Monday morning I was hobbling about.  By yesterday it was a bit achey if I was on my feet for too long.
Today, it’s fine, and I reckon I would have been ok to do the hill, but with it still being a bit sore yesterday, I never took today off work.

To rub salt into the wound, the weather is stunning, and I’ve already had one text saying that it’s absolutely glorious weather down at Ardrossan, where they’re catching the ferry to Arran. By now they should be in Broddick, and I’m stuck at work, and the weather is stunning, and I’ve still not climber Goatfell.

Ach well, maybe next time.

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Move along, nothing to see here

Move along, nothing to see here

Top of Ben Lomond on a not so sunny day

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Top of the world (sort of)

Top of the world (sort of)

Well the weather was decent enough, so we headed up Dumgoyne. Small hill, but deceptively steep. It’s a fair slog to get up.

While we were at the top, an old guy appeared. We headed down before him, but he came bounding past us. I think he was part pensioner and part mountain goat. I can only hope I’m half as fit when I get to his age

Back off the hill and I went into the Glengoyne distillery to do the tour, which I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of years. Picked up a bottle of their 10 year old before heading home.

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This coming weekend

The reaction to the wee painting I did (see previous post) has been really positive and encouraging, both here, and on FB.  So with that in mind, tomorrow (weather permitting) I’m off hillwalking.  I’ll be taking the camera, and looking to get some pics that will hopefully be the inspiration for another attempt at a landscape.  This time of a place that actually exists.

So, fingers crossed that the weather holds out and that I get *that* photograph.

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