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On Saturday we were out for a meal with a friend who runs the karate club I go to (although I’ve not been since September as it doesn’t feel “right” for me at the moment. Hopefully it will again), and a filling dropped out. Problem was, I only realised when I bit on it, and broke off a second one.
Managed to get an appointment yesterday and got them fixed, so everything is ok tooth-wise again.

Last night while lying watching tv, my throat started to feel scratchy. I tried nipping it in the bud. First with Lemsip, and then followed that up with a hot toddy (whisky, sugar and hot water, with some cloves popped in for good measure.)
Seems to have helped a bit. It’s still not right, but it isn’t as bad as last night, and there’s no discolouration in my phlegm, so that’s good.

I’m basically in a state of meh today. I booked into the lunchtime yoga class as usual, even though I’m not feeling it today. Hopefully this will snap me out of the funk I’m in. I was planning to longboard into work today. The weather is stunning and I’ve no excuse other than I don’t have any enthusiasm today. Hopefully the good weather will hold out for a bit longer.

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Whoopie do……

Looks like it’s hay fever weather.  

That simultaneously sucks and doesn’t suck.  It sucks because I’ll sneeze a lot, and it doesn’t suck, because it means the weather is good again.

I never used to be affected by hayfever, but for about the last 5 or 6 years, I’ve resorted to anti-hystamines in the summer to keep from sneezing.  I’m starting to feel as though I just get over my winter colds and get about a week of relief before the hayfever season kicks in and I start sneezing again.


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