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Bucket list

Years ago I used to go to festivals.  Rock/metal ones mainly.  I haven’t been to one for years, I fell away from the scene, and I’m happy enough, no great urge to go to any.

Except one.

I’ve always wanted to go to Glastonbury.  I’ve never actually thought about getting tickets and going – my wife doesn’t do crowds, and would have a serious panic attack in a crowd that size – but now it’s on the bucket list, mainly due to the non-crowd loving wife.

We were watching highlights from this years Glasto on tv, and she said “You really want to go.  Do it.”  When I mentioned about the crowds, she said that she wasn’t interested, but knew I really wanted to, so I should just go.

So, my plan is not to go next year, but to go the following year.  I’ve no idea why I’ve made it that way, but it gives me something to plan for.

In the meantime, I’ve found Doune the Rabbit Hole, a festival about an hours drive from me.  My wife has a sign language course to go on, and if it’s the same weekend (still waiting on dates) then I might go.  Looks like a fun wee festival.

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