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Edinburgh pics

Just a few pics from last week’s day in Edinburgh.


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Back update

I realised that the back pain coincided with us turning the mattress. So, not to go back to the way it was, we rotated it 180, and bingo! No back pain for either of us, and a great night’s sleep. Result.

On Saturday we took a wee wander through to Edinburgh, and for the first time avoided the old town.
Karen had never been to Ocean Terminal, so we jumped a bus down there so she could have a wander round. Result was I got an early Christmas present. A Lavazza coffee maker. They were doing an offer that included two extra boxes of pods, a Lavazza travel mug, and a tote bag from London Fashion week (apparently they were sponsoring the promotion). When it came to picking a colour, the guy told us that there was an off-white one, that had £39 off because it was price matched with a competitor. So, £39 off! Bit of a no-brainer.

Back in town we went to the portrait gallery and bumped into 2 old friends we’d lost touch with when they moved to Aberdeenshire. Rose and Karen met when Karen worked as Rose’s P.A. and they kept in touch for years after. So now we’re back in touch, and they’re moving to Edinburgh so it’ll be easy to meet up.

On Sunday we used the meal voucher that we won in the pub quiz, and had an amazing lunch in Loks in Shawlands – highly recommend it – before going to the Tramway to see an exhibition of sculpture and painting by inmates of Scottish prisons, secure hospitals and secure children’s homes. This is the second year we’ve gone to this, and it’s a great exhibition. There’s a lot of very talented individuals, locked up. It’s a real shame their lives went that road. Hopefully being in the exhibition will give them another path to follow.

Anyway, I’ll get some pics up from the weekend, soon. Watch this space.

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Heading east (not the far east, just the east coast. Unfortunately)

Taking the afternoon off work today. We’re heading through to Edinburgh to soak up the arty atmosphere that is the Fringe.
In all the years we’ve been doing this, we’ve yet to actually take in a show, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

The restaurant we’ve been going to for almost 20 years, changed hands last year and it’s not a patch on what it was. Fortunately, last time we were through, we found a really nice Thai place just off Leith Walk, and we’ve booked in there for tonight.

Should be a good afternoon, and we’re running from the rain. It’s currently coming down in Glasgow, but it’s not due to hit the east coast until later today around 6.00pm, so we should manage to have a decent afternoon and not get soaked.

I’ve got the camera with me, so pics will be taken. The madness of the Royal Mile during festival season is something else.

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Christmas markets

Every year there are identikit Christmas markets in Glasgow and Edinburgh (and I dare say, plenty of other places too).  We always head east, as the one in Glasgow is in St Enoch’s Square, which to be honest, isn’t really big enough to make it enjoyable.  It’s mobbed, you can’t really get round the stalls as the space is taken up by people queuing to get served, so you come to a queue, walk to the front to see what it’s for, then push through the crush to get to the end to join it.  Not an enjoyable experience.

In Edinburgh, it’s more spacious, as it occupies the space along Princess St, at the Scott monument.  There’s more room to move, there’s more stall, it’s just …… nicer.  Except this year, despite the crush, Glasgow seems to have better (if fewer stalls).  There’s also a marked difference in prices.  Cheeses on sale in Glasgow at £4 each or 3 for £10, are £4.50 each or 3 for £12 in Edinburgh.  Naughty traders!

Also in Edinburgh there’s a big wheel (£8 each if you fancy it), a carousel at £4 and a chair-o-plane that as well as birling round, goes up about 100′, and while pretty impressive and pretty cool, isn’t really worth £7,50 a hurl. (On the subject of hurling, imagine if someone threw up, on a chair-o-plane spinning at a rate of knots, 100 feet above the streets.  If you were walking below, you’d never see it coming).

But I digress.  Even though Edinburgh loses out on price, and quality of the goods, it once again wins hands down on the atmosphere, which let’s face it, is what it’s all about.Image

The chair-o-plane thingummy

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